Hey, I am newbie


Hi guys. I have just signed up for ascended mogul and Sex mastery x. I wonder can I combine those into 1 stack. I am also considering signing up for other supporting subs like limitless or rebirth.
By the way, I am using oneplus 5t to listen to ultrasonic tracks and use a headphone to listen to masked tracks at night? Is that ok?

Can you guys give me suggestions? Thank you.


Yes there is no reason why you can’t stack these.

What are your goals, what is it you hope to accomplish? You can add other programs as you like but the more programs you listen to, the less time you can spend focusing on a single program. It is tempting to use lots of subs but sticking to 1-3, listening 8-16 hours a day is your best bet


Thank you for your suggestion. My main target is to level up my career and the second priority is my sex life. I am considering to add Primal to my stack. But one thing confuses me is the volume. Here is the volume of my phone at max. I am not sure is it loud enough? Can you give me one more suggestion. Thank you