Hey guys new guy here and looking to improve myself


Hi I’m Nemesis

I just joined but I have been looking at the forum for over a week now

I purchased Stark to get started with that but noticed the launch of the Q store as well this weekend

So I’m contemplating upgrading my life with some cool modules once I take a look

My aims are generally along the lines of:

  • Improve and evolve myself to the maximum I can
  • Get intellect and creativity gains at maximum
  • Get physical gains as much as possible
  • Manifest beautiful romantic and sexual relationships
  • Help steer me to my life purpose and goals
  • Help better the world in any capacity I can to help other people who need it
  • Maybe have some fun along the way :smiley:

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read!


Welcome @Nemesis

You’ve arrived here at a very busy time, as I’m sure you can tell. There’s a ton of excitement going through the community at the unveiling of a completely new iteration of Subliminal Club programs and options.

Your positive and balanced energy shines through in your post. That same energy will help you to get the most out of the programs, I’d wager.

Wish you some great experiences.


Did you run any other programs before like ascension or regeneration?
How long have u been using subliminal?


Welcome @Nemesis, hope you are doing well, remember to take your time with subliminal, they are an excellent process to level up your life faster to the next level.

Make sure you go slowly with your subliminal intake (try to start slowly and surf on reconciliation) and remember to enjoy the process, take action toward your goals :wink: