Hey Everyone, new to subs


Hey, what is up Everyone?

I just bought Emperor because i wanted to totally change my life from the way it is going now.

I have a few questions though some are probably retarded since I’m new to subliminals. And I am also usually either all into something or not interested in it at all lol so that is why i chose Emperor, it sounded like it could change all aspects of my life.

What is the difference between the experimental and the extreme? I was kinda hoping i would get like a guide book or something as to what they fully entail lol.

Can i listen to them with my headphones and work or play video games or work out?

So all those things you listed on the site is on just 1 of those tracks right or are they meant to all be played 1 after another on a continuous loop?

Do you guys plan on making any subliminals that include like manifesting luck or lotto winning or such lol.

Last question… Is it counter productive to do affirmations while going through this program or is it okay if i do affirmations and such?

I am sorry again for my newbie questions lol

Hope you all are having an awesome start to October


Hi, welcome! I hope you have an amazing life-changing journey here.

I can answer some of your questions, because I asked them as well when I came here :grinning:

Experimental is the same as normal one, except it is masked (you hear noise), while the normal is ultrasonic (you hear nothing). It’s experimental, because it’s still in testing, but people really wanted it now.

Extreme is using a different method of accomplishing the goals. It could be more powerful, but the makers make no guarantees.

The basic one is what is says on the package. The other two are just extras.

You can and should listen to them while doing other stuff, just play it, put it in loop and forget about it. Watch out for volume if you are using headphones and ultrasonic mp3s.

Pick an mp3 and loop it and listen to only that one. If you want to try e.g. experimental and basic one, give each a few weeks on their own.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!