Hey all, i am new to subliminals

Hi guys, i am new to this(not to personal development).

I am in my 20’s and i been broken up not long ago.

I realized that i need a total upgrade in who i am in order to become the best version of myself.

I think what i need to improve is for sure my social skills and social life, my sexuality and dominance
and some traumas from the past that keep me from not being as open as i would like to be with people.

reading through the descriptions of products i think Primal or Khan both seems like a good fit.
I see it also say i can mix them together, will it work even if i have limited time to just listen per day? like 6 hours in the night or so…

Also is it more recommended to listen via headphones or via speaker?

And the last thing, how does the stacking works? i listen to it every day ? do i take a day off every few days?
are the results permanent or temporary?

Thanks all and glad to be here

Edit: i see people saying KhanQ exists but i cant find it in the general store?
Also how long should i wait before switching to subliminal club subs from using other producer?

Welcome sir.

Since this is your first sub, Primal.

Yeah sure you can go and buy Khan but it’s four parts and it takes longer to kick in.

Primal is fast and you can see it working yourself. Once you use it for a week, your ex girl won’t even matter, as you’re so chill you’ll be attracting newer and better women :+1:

Buy it, start it right now, stop the other one and watch you grow. Good luck.

(Khan is on the store, you’ll find it upgraded to Q in the downloads.)

Yeah, one of the “basic” titles that do one thing and do it well. Primal or Ascension (the difference escapes me for the moment.)

You should get faster results, which motivate you to take more action, which makes you feel good, making the sub work even better and round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

Then, once you’re convinced and you feel it’s time, start thinking about Khan. And if you’re on Primal for a few months, there may be new subs out that align even better with what you desire.

Thankyou for the replays guys.

How about mixing primal with emperor? i am also working on a side project which i am aiming for it to become a business, so i need both social and entrepunerial skills for this.

Attraction doesnt matter much now, but confidence does for the social aspects.

i think also healing sub is required for the pain of the breakup and past traumas to heal, what would you recommend me to mix?

Primal is probably part of Emperor, stacking them would make that part stronger. I think Regeneration is still the best all-round healing sub.

So can you tell me a preffered stack for the purpose of : healing emotionally, productivity with creativity and business oriented skills &execution? (also confidence and alphaness)

Regeneration and Stark? Maybe with one of the Ultima titles (BLU for more execution, Rebirth for more healing for example)?

Let’s see what others say.

That sounds like the perfect mix!

Does emperor include healing modules inside? if so , isnt emperor better?

Every sub has some healing in it, but Stark is the business sub with an extra dose of creativity, which is what you asked for.

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Yeah, but i also wonder about the social aspects,
does stark makes you charismatic and able to express your thoughts clearly just like emperor?(atleast that what it says in the description)

Actually, with social attributes like charisma, Stark would be better than Emperor. Though if you want to be able to express yourself clearer, while at the same time not giving a f’ck about what others would say, go with Emperor. Emperor, at least for me, had me foregoing the social niceties and getting straight to the point. Whereas with Stark, I was smoother and more able to handle people.


I see. thanks
what about motivation and drive? which one gave you more?
and confidence aswell?

My personal recommendation (from the standalone “legacy” subs) is Ascended Mogul Q stacked with Limitless Q. I recommend that only because that’s what motivated me the most in the short-term to get shit done.

If your in your 20s go for emperor and use it for at least 3 months. You will be a new man in 3 months money, wealth, women providing of course you take action.


I’d suggest doing Emperor for a year to really get that foundation set up.


CoWolfe is correct doing emperor for a year you will outstanding results.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
Emperor or emperorq what should i choose?
also should i stack emperor with somthing else?

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Rebirth Ultima is a great one to stack with Emperor. To aid in the healing aspects.


If this is your first sub, I’d suggest doing Emperor by itself. There’s a lot in that and it’ll help you with just about every aspect of your life.
A lot of people get excited and add this, that, and the other thing to their stack right away and switch constantly instead of getting the most out of a great program. I’ve done that too, so no Judgment on anybody.