Help with creating my stack


I was thinking a stack like
AM for alpha and job/money
Daredevil for social
And limitless for learning everything i need.
I think this would fit me perfect.
But my question is this too much or is there a better way too get the same effect?


Yes. Khan.

Khan has Alpha, Money, Daredevil, and Limitless.

And you will be getting it all scripted together for faster results. So it will be better than multiple products running together.


I just had to take a stroll around the block to wait for AMASH to finish typing. :slight_smile:

Personally, I love the idea of combining Ascended Mogul with Daredevil. Then again, I think Daredevil goes great with most programs. I’m biased.

This combination (AM+DD) does a lot for a relatively small package and works well if you prioritize wealth/social over women/social. Khan prioritizes women/social and then generating the wealth necessary to support that lifestyle.

However, if you intend on running three major programs, I would have to agree with AMASH. Running only Khan will likely work much better if you want to work on everything simultaneously.

The one note I’d make here is that you should have some patience running Khan. Don’t fly through the stages, take your time. It’s very tempting to jump right to stage 4 believing you’re ready. And yet that may actually slow down your progress.

In that regard, you might see initial results faster running AM or even AM+DD. At least the way I understand the principles of it.

Can you put your goals (Masculinity, Prosperity, Social & Learning) in an order of importance for yourself? That could influence your choices.


Thanks, another question, for learning PC game faster. There is gaming mastery and limitless. Limitless is newer tech is this better tjen GM? I wonder.


Now that’s a completely different goal… :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I can properly answer that, maybe @SaintSovereign should pitch in here.

The way I see it, Limitless is a broad subliminal that will help you learn faster, bringing back that mindset most of us lose when we’re teenagers. It’s designed to build over time and requires you to provide stimuli for it to train you properly.

When it comes to computer games, Limitless will likely assist you in learning the ins and outs, shortcuts and strategies, provided you go on the Internet and research those things. You may find yourself absorbing wikis, strategies and studying other players on Twitch and YouTube. It is also likely to increase your focus and ability to keep yourself from getting distracted. But Limitless is mostly about the research and mental work.

Gaming Mastery is built on Weapon X, which means its fast-acting and targeted. If it does the job it needs to do, it will improve things that Limitless doesn’t that are very specific to computer games, like your response times and spatial contextual awareness. Maybe even specific muscle memory. When it comes to learning strategy and skill, this will happen as a necessity, as you’d feel driven to practice a lot. You’ll get frustrated at obstacles, leading you to start searching for solutions. The gaming comes first, the research comes second.

But all this may be an unnecessary explanation, considering Limitless is a part of Gaming Mastery, where it is rephrased slightly to help you with your gaming skills. So if your gaming skills are that important, you might as well go for Gaming Mastery. The effects of the included Limitless will still affect other areas of your life if you let it.

PS Just reading the description makes me think it’s perfect for soldiers as well, although I wouldn’t want anyone to think war is a game.


@DarkPhilosopher did a good job explaining the differences. Keep in mind, we haven’t released a masked version of Gaming Mastery X yet.


Does that mean we can expect more subs toward the category of gaming? Maybe not as a priority but I think it would be fun to add more once SC gets a larger community.

@DarkPhilosopher Yes for soldiers would be cool, just have to be careful as it is definitely is not a game. Like how there is a Muay Thai subliminal, that would be super cool to have more self defense/martial arts subs. Krav Maga, BJJ, Karate and Boxing etc.


Look in this thread:

It’s what we know. I think other things will have priority, but Quantum Limitless is coming. A competitive poker sub could have potential.

And bonus points for suggesting Krav Maga X. :wink:


YES. I am so down for a competitive poker sub! :grinning: