HELP Recommendations to run primal seduction



I am new to subliminals, Which are your Recommendations to run primal seduction?

Days off
Ultrasonic or masked
Hours a day
Day ir night
Run with or without Q

Thanks AND regards


Days off: I do 6 days on and one day (Sunday) off. Other people do 2/3 days on 1 day off. Play around with it a bit, see what works best for you.

Stack: Do you feel like you need other programs? You’re better off starting with just one title and running it rampant, especially at the beginning. A typical beginner move is getting too excited too fast and taking on a LOT (I know I was guilty of this). If you can, stick to PS and your goals in relation to it.

Ultrasonic or masked: no one can say which is better for you than you. I listen to to almost exclusively US with the set and forget method. Some people like the masked tracks better for their own reasons. Again, experiment a little and test what you like.

Hours a day: recommended is 8-16 iirc and in the experimental listening pattern thread I believe the general consensus was to avoid listening while sleeping when possible so that the mind has an easier time to process/reconcile.

Q is the most updated technology so it’s recommended to try it or optimal results but the founders have decided to leave the older versions available should you prefer to go back at any time

Hope that answers everything for you! :slight_smile:


I just run my subs as much as possible. I set the process up to be as low maintenance as possible.


I also run my subs as much as possible. Some days it will be close to 24 hours while some days I will only get couple hours of exposure. I used the set and forget method so that listening to sub doesn’t become another task that I need to do and keep track off.

I use both ultrasonic and mask. I use ultrasonic on my laptop when I’m at home and relax and mask with headphones when I’m working in the office.


I run my stack 24/7


Thanks a lot for tour answers. :smirk:


I am now doing 24/7 using musicolet player. I went down to 18 hrs a day when i jumped over to q technology but now I’m back up there. :exploding_head::exploding_head:


To me it just makes sense to get them running all the time. I suppose it is possible that a less constant and higher maintenance schedule could be more effective, but I know if I have to do a lot of switching on and off, that process isn’t going to last very long.