Help me subliminal club

Have you seen a doctor ? If not do it and see what he will tell you. There is only one disease with too much collagen production and it is an autoimune disorder, scleroderma

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I know about scleroderma ,my cousin is in medical professional only… It is the Subliminal effect ,read the Affirmations … It is affecting the same way … It has nothing related to any diesease or anything lol…I am here for a reason only… The scripting was not at all good that’s it … With such looping Affirmations i have found some other people too whose Subliminal Affirmations are repeating and effecting the physical appearance

Ok, I wonder if your problem is more about anxiety and stress than an increase non stop of collagene. If your cousin is a doc he should see what is happening. Did you tell him about the subliminal ?

Dr. @Amor may be able to assist you with your issue @Varsha


This will be harsh but as honest as I dare to be…

The problem you have is quite evident to me and has nothing to do with that subliminal and everything to do with you. You are treating that subliminal as if it is the all-powerful genie of the lamp. It is not. The subliminal is not changing you, you are changing yourself by happily following along.

You are constantly telling yourself (and others) that everything you do will only make things worse and the negative effects more powerful. You are sabotaging everything you do to fix things, refusing to accept anything other than your “truth”. Even in this thread you are ignoring and denying any alternatives and continuing to blame/reaffirm the sub and only the sub.

To the best of my knowledge, even the most powerful subliminal humankind can create at this time can still be stopped dead in its tracks if we really want it to. I’ve had experimental SubClub subs giving me headaches and the likes and once I get over the “I want this, let’s see what it can do” phase, all I have to do is tell myself a confident “stop now, no more” and the effects go away within a day.

Which in turn gives SaintSovereign a headache since I’ll turn around and tell him he should make a more powerful subliminal for me because it’s obviously not working. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have used that against possible reconciliation and it does go away, but maybe so does the happy ending which comes after reconciliation. Some things you just have to endure to get to the pot of gold at the end and recon might be one of those. Otherwise we’re simply procrastinating when it comes to our own development. We’re delaying what needs to happen.

Your subconscious mental processes are very powerful but also wearing blinders. And they are more than happy to go where you point them if you do so with enough conviction. If you consciously don’t believe in what you are telling them, they won’t go along with it for your safety. If they did, they would manifest every fear, nightmare and angry thought you ever had. If you are in sync/harmony with the message you are sending, they’ll know it is what you actually want.

Do you think people bobbing around clucking like chickens during stage hypnosis have no control? They do, but even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves they really just want to act crazy and blame it on the hypnosis. And people experiencing a hallucinogenic trip are “letting go” of control, not giving it up. It is as theoretically possible to stop such a trip instantly as it is to start one. Wim Hof claims he can do the latter, and he’s not the only one. It is all by choice.

Unless you have suffered serious brain trauma, you have control over your mind. Always.

So first you will need to take the responsibility. Accept that you are doing this to yourself, you are allowing it to happen, choosing it. Only once you do that can you begin to heal. If you don’t you’ll try everything with the mindset of “this will not work anyway.” And to try is to accept the possibility of failure.

If after that you still want and trust a subliminal to help you out, you could consider one of our Chosen products for their effects on how you see yourself and your world and create that very solid foundation of worthiness, and/or Wanted for the physical shifting which has the potential to alter your facial features to what you want them to be.

Some might recommend healing programs and I understand why. But I think that no matter how strong the healing program is, it won’t defeat your pre-existing conviction that it won’t help. That conviction is so strong I can feel it through reading your posts.

I think you have no choice but to take that first step, that first action, yourself. You need to get the momentum going first or the sub will be like a crab trying to climb out of the bucket, it keeps getting pulled back down.

Some would argue that there are subs on YT which can change the color of your irises (green - being the rarest color - is quite popular) as an argument that rapid physical change can happen without control. And I’m open to the possibility. But often you read that the color reverts right back to what it was within days after one stops listening, which is not what’s being described here. So not the same in my opinion.


Well said and My mind agrees with you 100% while my emotions feel like “but but but”.

What you said simulated my mind with two thoughts.

First I see the issue here akin to self hypnosis. They first learnt it through experience, e.g. the sub worked in a negative, and equaled that the sub being powerful. Later on more bad experiences (at this stage it might or might not be psychological), then they further believed in the sub power.

My thinking is at this stage wouldn’t it be better for them to tackle the issue sideways than head to head? By that I mean instead of changing their way of thinking or belief 180 degree, e.g. it’s all in their mind and within their own abilities to reverse the negative effects, how about take advantage of what they currently strongly believe-subs are powerful, lifesaving; subclub is the answer to their problem-and let the pieces fall where they may? Having typed this I admit this is too easy for me to say and too theoretical of any immediate real help to Varsha.

Second (which is random) your “stop now, no more” approach which stopped not only reconciliation but also the happy ending that came later makes me wonder of the concepts of accept things as they come along, never ask for anything etc. Many can have what they decide to have, especially for the strong will ones, but who can say for sure what they want are right for them in the end?


Varsha seems to believe that this particular sub is so powerful that it overpowers everything else.

But I suppose I could argue that from what I have seen about the sub in question I can be quite confident in stating that SubClub uses scripting and building technology which is far superior to the damaging sub and would easily overwrite its effects.

In that case, I would probably advise Rebirth for starters in order to reframe the negative beliefs, which might be more effective in the short term than using Regen to renovate them into something better or Dragon to tear them down and replace them.

The problem is I’m not certain Varsha believes that ALL subs are this powerful but seems to feel that way only about this particular sub. And if Fire came along with a sub so powerful that your audio player melts after playing a single loop, Varsha might still say “yeah, but the original sub is too deep in my mind for yours to work.”

Which is why I believe conscious and deliberate action is required here.

But somebody please prove me wrong, that would be a win-win for everybody involved.

Very good question, probably deserves a topic/thread of its own. Since I can’t figure out how to name it I’ll leave that up to you. If you want to talk more about what I mean about control vs non-attachment, do make a thread for it and tag me. Be prepared for a much longer answer than I think it will be once I start typing. If you build it, I will come. :wink:

In short though, I will counter with a question: if you accept things as they come along and don’t ask for something in particular, how can you know you’re still heading in the right direction?

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
– Yogi Berra

Don’t be attached to any particular/specific outcome, but do set a goal, a direction. By that I mean (to name an example) that one can become financially independent in a great many ways, but most people can only think of a handful of those ways. By clinging on to only those ways, they will never notice all the other ones when those come knocking.


This is the actual reason people have got tired explaining their condition and hence reversing or suffering sunce years and some have got depressed or suicidal …

"You are constantly telling yourself (and others) that everything you do will only make things worse and the negative effects more powerful. "

People dont want to digest that such things can happen with Subliminal and it might affect it … If i am facing something bad i have to be honest and say it what it is happening , am i suppose to fool myself all the time if it is actually happening … I understand that remaining positive etc is good … But if it is actually happening i will to come up and say … And what do you mean by you are constantly telling others and yourself … Are you seeing me telling this to people everywhere , just because i have come up here and explained my situation to you guys… Am i suppose to write everything is fine with me … If i have come here there has to be some reason

Even in this thread you are ignoring and denying any alternatives and continuing to blame/reaffirm the sub and only the sub.

Just because i didn’t reply to each and every thing doesn’t mean i ignored it … I am very thakful to Chase and Lineer that they came forward and tried to suggest and recommend whatever they could , i am grateful for that and i have given hearts on them because that was helpful … But I have my own issues too … The khan stuff has something related to my condition as Chase described but only in the first stage , i will have to consider my finance too …I had to quit the job because of this suffering and it was not at all easy to take such step…you dont know anything about my background ,nor you can experience my life … Nobody knows about the life and experience of other people

        I understand how our mind works ,,, i understand that if i keep telling something to myself it will manifest on its own ,, even if something in real is not happening it will manifest on its own ...but if it is actually happening not only with me but with others too ... I will have to come up for solution...This is a sign of self worth and love

Yeah the sub effected badly, later on the flushes boosted it more and even wherever i tried … i paid custom subs boosted the effects… Even though i was in high vibrational state and positive and so much happy when i got the notification that the sub has delivered but it boisted the effects… And you are very clear with your words but inspite of’ believe ’ it has created a little 'doubt ’ because i tried some fields and subs but it didn’t do anything and you also know that most you tube sub makers are not so good with their scripting and mostly of them are some clueless kids who are just making Subliminal for excitement … No experience , no experiment , nothing …

   But when i read about sub club company i got so much interest and hope because of their technologies and scripting technique ( which matters the most )...... I also believe that if a Subliminal can affect you this much , why cant a Subliminal cure it .... I mean the Subliminal that is affecting also describes how powerful is the mind ... And if something that is made with advanced script that focuses on overwriting the sub  ,Definitely  i can come out of this

If what you say is true, these results should be more widespread on the forum. But it isn’t so. Which implies this is something to do with your personal belief rather than the subliminal.

Please don’t take our answers the wrong way. We are trying to help you and you need to understand that subliminals (especially the ones over here) doesn’t result in negative experiences. And your result is extremely out there.

Please consult a doctor because this is outside the jurisdiction of SubClub.


Hey @Varsha do you mind showing us a picture of your condition?

Also, are you honestly not running any subliminal programs right now?

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I can understand but dont worry i am not alone , people are just tired approaching everywhere because they have to give so many answers and also because only few are aware of Subliminal club company … ,just imagine how it feels if you are approaching for help but inspite of getting any people are directly blaming you with the thought that it must be his/ her belief system that is making his / her condition this way…its ok i understand they have not experienced it ,so they dont have the answer to that …People will fight vehemently against it. The ego cannot accept not having all the answers and explanations. Or having something they appreciate being spoken badly about. Which is almost every unharmed person in the sub community. But for your doubt , i will share some screenshots not from the telegram or insta group but from the you tube only

No dear … Yeah i have pictures too in which you can clearly see the face is shrinking … But i am a little worried to reveal here because of many factors , i hope you can understand why i am saying this … I can show you personally only if you assure that you will delete it … I know people here are nice but it is too private for me to reveal such pictures and also for the second reason that i am a girl

I even have the Subliminal that i had listened to … It was created by me only on the instructions of my friend … I was not aware of all this

I have raised the issue with founders of SubClub. Hope they reply to you soon.

I sincerely wish you get well soon.


I’m asking because, the Mind is the part of our being that is bound to create illusions. I’m you can “see” your face shrinking, if that means you subconscious believe it, however, it might not be that it is truly as you see it.

To give an example is people with anorexia.

That aside, you seem to be processing a lot of information.

But first of all, I’m not going to be responsible because I have never had such a problem and overcome it myself.

It’s not because you believe something that it manifests, you need to give it a charge, that means the subliminal needs to be actively processed in the Now. If you stop using something it will stop working, if it’s still affecting you that means it is still processing.

Well, according to your own admission, if it is you that made it, if it was so extremely powerful and reaped such rewards it seems logical to make yourself a new one reversing whatever you did.

But normally, if you stop using a program it will stop affecting you.

It seems to me you are under a delusion that you mind created. All these thoughts of you are subconsciously generated. If you stop using those programs you the “spell” will inevitably lift.

Also, you must understand it is not Subliminal Club’s responsibility to fix your problems because they own a subliminal company.

In fact, it was your friend who instructed you so that karma is on his/her hands.

I do not speak for them but they are not obligated to help you…

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Thank you so much dear … We need to revert it … it is ruining people’s life

A subliminal cannot affect your permanently, so @Varsha you will be fine if the processing discontinues.

It feels to me you are still processing a lot.

I had my own trails and errors with subliminal programming, so I empathise with you.

Honestly, it feels to me the “problem” is more of the mind than of the physical. I feel like you will see things clearly for what they are when the processing is finished.

Do you believe me?

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It is not at all delusional and here i also told you that my parents are noticing and are worried too …so how can that be delusional … Ok i am ready to share picture if you think that way …

See, if you firmly believe something, subconsciously— it will emanate outwards, consider for a moment we are all connected, there is no space separating us because it’s the mind who conceives of this space.

It manifests in the Minds of others, and so your parents, and others who observe you may be enchanted too.

Our minds can affect our bodies, if you keep giving it your awareness, the intent, and the vision for the changes. But at that moment you will see the destination, once that “spell” wears off, you will see the TRUE growth and change not the actual illusion.

But according to your own admission, the sub was made yourself, it was so powerful the changes are so apparent?

The logical conclusion would be to re-craft it using spelling to revert it however you’d like.

I’d suggest you remain calm, you will be fine :slight_smile:

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