Help me subliminal club

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You can order customs in the above link. There are many healing modules there that might be what you have in mind. Just follow the steps 1. License modules, meaning buying them, 2. Choose the build, this takes extra money on top of step one.

Alternatively you might wanna first look up major titles here Subliminal Shop - SubliminalClub look up subs that are under health or healing and see if they fit what you need.

I have a very personal problem , which is not related to anything in the module , what should i do now?

perhaps you would like to look at Paragon title from main store and Paragon Core and other physical changes modules from Q Store.

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Read a description of all major subs in the shop. In one of them, there is something like this. It will remove all negative affirmations and bad influence of subliminal.
I do not remember which one was it.
Maybe Khan or Dragon Reborn, honestly do not remember.

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TBH I have never experienced such strong effects from subs be it positive or negative. Theoretically if it happened to me I’d stop listening to anything and let my body heal naturally. Sorry if I can’t be more help.


it must be Dragon Reborn. Khan is a specific goal title, while Dragon Reborn heals you from every single negative stuff you have.

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Let’s not guess, just find it.
And I am not even sure if it was Khan, DR, or something else but I am pretty sure that there is this thing.

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I dont think paragon will help me with that … These are Affirmations which are effecting me 24/7 … Believe me i tried each and every thing … I came to know from a friend about Subliminal club and i got a ray of hope that it might help me … Flushes that are available on you tube do not work and this is not in my case many people have experienced the same … Flushes boost up the results , hence opposite results

   We have a group on telegram and insta who are experiencing the same thing , i wonder if Subliminal club releases a strong flush that convices the mind to  undo   all the results of Subliminal no matter what

Yeah i have stopped listening to anything since two months and it is effecting me and making my appearance worse … Actually flushes made it worse… Actually i had no knowledge about this stuff ,i listened three days consistently followed by her instruction ,and when i found that now i could now open my mouth easily , i stopped listening to that , when i stopped it was still effecting , i calmed myself down and told myself dont worry it will go by its own , two day passed and strong sensations and tightness around my left ramus due to non stop collagen production there , i got freaked out as my appearance was changing because of that tightness my teeth palate started to get narrower … I then reserched everywhere and some people on yt recommended me to use flushes , when i used a flush it boosted my Subliminal effects more , i got more freaked out because i was not at all expecting that , it was ok for me to get no result but getting the opposite results from flushes was quite suprising for me … I tried two three flushes after gaps in between and i experienced the same thing

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Then i researched and was going through the comment section of subliminal flush , i found that it is not only happening with me , there are many people who are getting the opposite from the flushes , that means results were boosting up … And in my case the Affirmations are powerful because of the words like every zeptosecond , i deeply believe in this Subliminal etc etc

And your friend can not make another subliminal which will reverse what she wrote ?

If you are ultra sensitive to her subliminals there is no reason you would not with a reverse subliminal

She did but it boosted the effects … IDK what is wrong with my subconscious … It has taken the Affirmations so deeply …if you telling it to stop or to revert , it is showing influence on those stored Affirmations more … That is why i am here as this company claims to remove deep stored beliefs and conditioning and people also gave me good reviews abt it

Maybe a session with hypnosis would help to have better control ?@Palpatine what do you think ?

It is all about scripting … the script is not at all good … There is no end to it , a protein is producing in a present continuous tence with word like everyzeptosecond … And also have belief Affirmations … That is why my mind has taken it seriously



It gave a hope but i have doubts about it since i had bought a field something similar to it by Maitreya ( i dont know it is ethical to take the name here , but i am not complaining anything about her) ,it just didn’t help … Maybe my mind is not taking those Affirmations as negative because it has Affirmations like i am getting desired results from this Subliminal every zeptosecond, or i deeply believe in this Subliminal … The scripting of that sub has confused my subconscious

I understand you’re anxious and may be in pain. Even without subs this anxiety alone might make the situation worse or at the very least add fuel to the situation. I am an anxious person so I know how it makes things worse.

If using a subclub sub would give you the confidence and assurance (and healing) for reversing the negative effects, then okay let’s see which might help. Sanguine helps with anxiety, Paragon is for physical healing, Dragon Reborn helps with erasing the negative beliefs in you (the cons are it takes a long time and ST1 is most relevant to you while the rest stages not really applicable), Spartan is another nice option since it gives you mental strength as well as physical healing.


Maitreya, I know it from my dark times.
Forget about Morphic fields, Subliminals from Youtube, etc.
I am not sure how to solve your situation but Paragon is a healing title, so it could help.