Hello to all. I am Adam, here trying to reach finacial goals

Hello to all members of the forum. I am Adam from Slovenia.

I will be writing a journal here every day under the Major Title Journals and the title will be: Rapid road to financial independence and abundance!

As you see my goals are just financial at the moment.

I have two main problems: 1. procrastination 2. fear of financial success. Because of this I a not active enough.

I am starting two new online businesses at the moment and I will be updating how it is going and describing my behavior changes.

I am using Subliminal Club subliminals for a few months with great success.

My exact financial goals, what I am listening and other stuff you can read in my journal.

I will be grateful if you can count me accountable in the comments because I do not want to come as a quitter.

I am excited to share my road to success with you!




Welcome to the club buddy! I wish you nothing but success brother. :slight_smile:


Thank you Geoff!


I’ve been away from the forum, this was the first post I saw.

I wish you luck!

What kind of online business? I ask, as I’ve built my family business to 7 figures since I started with SubClub and our sales are about 90% online now. I might have some pointers for you.

Keep on hustling.


Welcome, learn and enjoy. Great people here.:+1:


Solo mogul! You’ll do great :slight_smile:


Hey Adam. Welcome to the forum! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


i spent more then 3 months very seriously testing ZP products for a financial goal and the only product that gave me a significant result was Minds Eye ZP.

i also tested Rich ZP, Mogul ZP, Stark ZP, Limitless ZP, Emperor ZP, Commander ZP and Esctacy Of Gold Stage 4 ZP.

None of these did anything significant like Minds Eye ZP did.

to be clear, i still have NOT achieved my goal but Minds Eye ZP has helped me take a massive step towards achieving this financial goal.

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What is your Financial goal?

How long did you listen to a given program when you were testing it out?

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You run 8 dense Major subs within 3 months - for who knows how long before switching to the next one, having a mindest of ‘it didnt work, next one’.

I highly doubt you can tell what program worked in the end.


It really has to do with the financial goal and the subs you were listening to @MadaraUchiha

It could be that you didn’t give the subs enough time to work … or you expect magic to happen over night

I am sure if you give Emperor and EoG 3-6 months of listening you would get near your goal depending on what exactly that goal is and where your starting point is.

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Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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any updates?

im curious how someone else focused on money like me is doing with these products.