Hello, this is an apology

I was swinging between the states of Imma go and curse saint on the forum and I will go and apologize.
Now I am in the state of cursing, but since I came out of recon a lot these days, I noticed it was due to the recon. So that is why I am thinking about extending rest days.
As I said I am in crazy recon mode now and intense anger.
So spare me
First of all, sorry :disappointed:
Second, I have an opinion and most likely I am wrong. The self-improvement and Growth path has a lot of resistance to it, and resistance on energy or mental levels can be misery (recon) which can lead to crazy behaviors. And this company and this forum is THE most intimate place where people share their Growth path. Imagine going to therapist, I read here that co-founders said we are not your therapists which is totally legit, but I’ve seen you guys behaving in a very CAREful way towards those who spend sometime here.
But it is good to not look it as a burden/responsibility but as a behavior which you may do it or not.
My point is that there may be sometimes which people have recon and intense anger which will make them say(in forum’s case) crazy things even if they received their final warning.
It there was not @SaintSovereign or @Fire ‘s sparing, I should have been banned this time. But thanks to them.
Honestly I did some crazy thing in the external world, I slapped someone with a rifle in his hand so hard that he fell on the ground. The beating intensity was mot from recon but what started it was recon. So yeah those behaviors was my fault.
You guys have done a lot of good and thank you.(I am having recon now)But I think forgiveness in this forum would be great, and this does not mean sparing someone like hermit, cuz you obviously know that his motives are evil.
The FINAL reason I got banned was not that mean text I wrote to saint but posting the support questions as a distinct topic, since I did not want the Brandon’s thread to get derailed with irrelevant responses.
But I got banned. Anyways.
Recon hit me hard to the point I could not maintain a journal, let alone exercising and training my will routines.
Regarding my support ticket; I just can ask the question but I cannot specify the answers from agents. So I wanna ask from you to answer my questions as much as possible, if you pay attention to the text it does not contain as much questions as it seems, most questions are redundant and interrelated.

Another matter regarding therapy thing, I don’t there is any other better therapy than subliminals out there. Subclub is therapy but just 1000 times faster than a therapist.
But I suggest sth like counseling, like which subs who should use and going a bit deep in their goals. I have seen saint done it sometimes like talking about personality types etc. but an organized approach won’t hurt. Like when I share my concern with WANTED’s mischievousness’s effect on my goal such as being the president of a country(I read about Mao being somewhat coquettish but is that what wanted gives you), a friendly and empathetic approach would help me very much quickly.
There is a LOT to say
But I will stop here

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You haven’t done anything to me specifically that caused offense recently.

I accept your apology in the sense that I see that you unlike a few others are attempting to grow. Which is what we’re all doing here. Otherwise, what are we doing here?

You seem to have done some self reflecting recently which is a good sign. I hope to see some transformative accounts coming from an @Alphamale near me soon!


Question @Alphamale what subs were you running?

Also how long have you been on a wash out or resting?

Thanks brother
I always received good and vague :sweat_smile: responses from you, especially when we were talking about some abstract matters a few months ago. But more importantly was the serenity and I received from you. Thank you, I honestly appreciate you, who won’t appreciate a more realized being than himself?:grin:

And when I talk about being president and everything I MEAN it, and it is not like I say it in the real world, never.

I have a journal of my current stack.
It is my rest day and according to my schedule I should have listened 2 hours ago, But I want to take more rest and a fruitful night’s sleep

If you are still deep in recon I would consider taking a washout for a week or until you feel the recon has passed

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I am thinking about it

If I seem vague in my responses at times it’s usually because I don’t think of a single person reading my response to any singular person.

That’s why I word many of my phrases on here with “one may find” and what not, because I tend to think ‘universally’. As potentially ego-laden as that could be taken…

I said once before about you in reference to some of your earlier posts months ago and I wasn’t being sarcastic in saying that you inadvertently exposed aspects of my ego that I hadn’t noticed before.

And for that, I still thank you :wink:

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I’m not going to lie, you frustrate the hell out of me sometimes, most of the time even, however this does, to me, seem like a sincere apology to Saint/Fire & the community itself.

Recon hits us all, I’ve said/done things whilst in recon so I understand and accept that but it also isn’t an excuse at the same time. We’ve got to learn from that and as long as you do and you’re self-aware about possible recon in the future - as you are now, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

Keep up the journal to begin that self aware process, even if it’s offline, and exercise/will power stuff. Exercising helps recon a lot. Trust me on that.

My advice to you is, listen to the advice people tell you because again, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble in the future with these products and the forum. There are people experimenting with subs who have far more experience and are able to handle the effects better than someone who may have less experience. I know you want to change your life all at once, I understand, as do I do but it’s better to be on the safe side.

I don’t think you’re a bad guy, I just think you jump on the defence if someone gives you advice you didn’t want to hear and so begins the war of the words between both parties, me included in this.

In regards to my thread, it’s fine. I was looking at your questions earlier and whilst I know I won’t be able to answer everything I’ll try my best to look over them again and see what I can help you with. Maybe the community can help too.


Well sometimes people talk about concepts which we don’t have enough information about, that would make them vague.
Yes it was accidentally

Lets see

It’s right there in your statement.


Anything that a man has conceptualized isn’t really known to that man.

A concept is where many things start. But that’s not where we should leave them if we want to actualize… Anything.

I have a concept that in some reality, I’m comfortable with making lots of money. Once I can shift that concept into reality inside of myself is when it will be.

And it will be :slight_smile: keep on keeping on brother, I’m rooting for you.

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Nice brother


I always joke with and about you, because for me you are the wordsalat man.

I can’t take you seriously at all.

But now you show some signs of growth and self reflection.

Also this is something I witnessed here and in my journey as well. :point_down:

In the beginning you overbombarded yourself with subs to the point where it makes no more sense to talk to you, you could not stay on topic for 1 sentence ( and that online)
Then the power upgrade came and you where still overbombarding yourself.
Then Zp came and you still going for over bombardment. You ignored the guidelines.
Then slowly you start to realize that less is more, but your still going for 4 programs per listening day.

And now you get the adaptogenic effect.


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I remember that some time ago you were running like 7 titles at the same time.

It was a matter of time that you inevitably would clash with reality.

Some people learn the easy way and some prefer the hard way.

@Alphamale - I don’t know you super well but I like having you around as you contribute to almost every conversation :love_you_gesture:

Some advice would be stop biting off more than you can chew in regards to your subliminal journey and maybe work with some healing subs.


@Alphamale it takes courage to apologize sincerely.

Please consider picking ONE program to listen to for 2 weeks, and listen TWICE a week.

Please consider starting there. I want you to succeed and be safe.


For Now I want to listen to 7.5 minutes of each titles and listen to them once a week, 2 on one day and 2 on another day
But for now I am considering taking a washout
It my 2nd rest day, lets wait some day


Cut down the programms to 1 per listening day.

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