Hello Subclub World!


I have been lurking around this community understanding how it works for quite some time now.

Finally decided to jump in the Bandwagon.

My Main goals

  • Build My Business Up. (it is a small struggling business)
  • Build Multiple Streams of income
  • Take care of my Mom
  • Take care of my Family and my Fiances Family
  • Be a respecable person of society

At present my financial condition is in tatters. I am on family support (extended family support). i want to turn things around and firstly be independant myself and then be there for my family when they will need me. There isn’t any earnings from the business now, as surrently all the money goes into paying off business bank loans. It will take two more years to pay off the loan.

Stark will be in my playlist for the rest of my life!

Although I am confused between Stark Q and Stark Q T

I think I have come across mixed responses about the overwhelming strength of Terminus.

Apart from Stark Q, I want to Add

From Either “EOG Q” or “Mogul Q” which one should I add?

I know Mogul Q will be quicker, but EOG Q will be more comprehensive.
I have alot of limitations that i want to clear out in regards to wealth and finding opportunities.


Hey @AntiBadass welcome to the forum

Terminus is an experimental build method where subclub increased the power by pushing the subliminal build method to its limits. You either get amazing results or none, and I would stay away from StarkQ Terminus right now as it is quite overwhelming, especially if you have no proper foundation. StarkQ delivers extremely fast results on its own, so you are not missing out.

Did you buy them already? Otherwise, I would wait at least 20 days, let the scripting integrate, and see how you respond to it. StarkQ is very powerful and I think it is probably enough to achieve your goals.


@friday thank you for the advice!

I already have Stark Q! Will use that for 20 days and report back again!

Thanks once again!


@friday, since I was home I was wanting to work on my mental limitations. I got a new book “crushing your limits” which has many exercises to work on mental limits.

The question about EOG came because I was thinking of listen to stage 1 while doing the exercises. Will Stark Q breakdown my limiting beliefs as well?


I am running it myself and for me, it does very well. It will clear everything that hinders yours from achieving StarkQ goals. BUT of course, is not so focused on the breakdown of beliefs as EOG ST1 is.


How can I find out about stark Q goals?

For eg. In mogul it says market forecasting etc. Not the same for stark sales page.


Everything that is written on the sales page.

With Stark and the newer titles, they do not write down modules like “Unlimited Energy”, “End Procrastination” or “Market forecasting” anymore. Instead, they write a text with everything you can expect when running the title.

Mogul is in StarkQ so everything that is written on the sales page of Mogul is in Stark. But you don’t need to worry about that. Just listen to 2-6 loops a day, take action (very important!), and journal (also very important).


Thank you makes sense!!! My journey stars in 5 hours!


@friday do you think rebirth would would necessary, or will stark Q be enough to reframe the limiting beliefs?


It is not necessary as a version of Rebirth is included in every subliminal but using it will reinforce the healing part of the script and therefore benefit you.


To add to that, if you decide to go for EOG Stage 1 later on, RebirthQ “might” become unnecessary.