Hello. Newbie question on Limitless stacking


Hello everyone,

I discovered this forum two days ago on a pheromone vendor’s site. I was impressed at the very competitive prices of the subs and made S&S my first purchase. It is currently running in a playlist with Ascension Lite.

I have seen some users stack Limitless with subs such as Emperor which contain the full script of Limitless. What is the reasoning behind this, please? Is the Limitless in Emperor not as effective as the standalone version? And if that is the case how much difference will it make if they are stacked together in a playlist?

I wanted to get Limitless as well in my first order but did not when I read the full script was included in S&S. I have not seen a direct answer to this on the forum, and I wish it was available in a FAQ section. If there is and I missed it then my apologies.


My thinking may be wrong and the creators can correct me if wrong. Think of each major program as assortment of flavored jelly beans with each module a different flavor. So each time you listen you get a mixture of flavored jelly beans. Now you get the flavor but in lesser amounts in each major program but some people want more of one flavor each day. So you may get the flavor of limitless but you’re also getting all the others with each listen. If you just want the flavor of limitless you have that option. All the stacking subs is just its flavor. So the assortment is great balanced flavors but if you really like to fill up on just one every once in awhile you can. If the idea of speed learning is desirable then just getting that flavor would be ideal.


I like this analogy so much!
And if I may add: the stacking module is not only a single jellybean flavor, but it also enhance that flavor from the main module.

In example if you use S&S and stack it with Aura, the Aura sub will enhance your Aura of sexyness, if you know what I mean.


That is a great analogy, and also exactly how I picture things work :slight_smile:


Fantastic Analogy :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for that clear analogy, @Guy730 . I will buy Limitless in a couple of weeks. I may get LD in the next few days. I first want to see if I notice more results from the subs I am listening to at the moment. I know it’s affecting me as I felt more tired the last couple of days of listening, and I notice a slight wave of euphoria each time I enter the room where the sub is playing.

ION, I noticed I posted this in the wrong sub forum. I thought I posted under “Introductions”. Anyway it can be transferred, please?


Moved to the proper forum. Thanks!