Hello, new user on the club!

Hi everyone, my name’s Matthew and I’m not from the US or any English-speaking country, so forgive any grammatical error of mine.
I started walking to the journey of self-healing almost three years ago, and while I wished for it to be quick, I’m happy that I finally acknowledged something was wrong so I researched how can I improve my life.

Back in 2016, I was depressed, rejected and barely studied for exams. I was aimless in my life in that moment. Finished my first year in Middle school and then left school for two years.
Although the two years were relaxed, I could now wake up at the hour I usually wanted, but always woke up early. That’s when I had my ups and downs. Sometimes was sad, others relaxed, others happy.
So in 2016-2017 I found online mantras, some worked, others not so much. Didn’t change my life much.
In 2017 my brother also left school and spent a whole year with him in the house. Although I wasn’t homeschooled, this helped my father to get economically stable again.
In late 2018 I started again my education in Middle school, now 2 years older from everyone, 15 years…
However, my last year was absolutely better than in 2016. I changed and somehow matured more than usual. But I was blind to the fact that I was like a “nice guy”.
I was shy and made some friends, in December everything was awesome, I was in a major school play and made more friends as I showed more confidence in this.

In November I found for the first time subliminal audios. Didn’t really tried them until late December.
After the ups and downs, the tips or results really never appeared. I tried to improve my social life even more.

Months and months of changing subliminals all the time, wasn’t until July when I tried to use them for 3 months.
In August from this year, started again my last year in middle-school now with people near my age. But while I was searching for a good subliminal producer, found in a random video someone recommending this page. So I found it, and bought unaware a supercharger. A week later then bought Emperor ( It wasn’t until now I realized it’s one hell of a sub to start with) During all September used it and saw some big changes, mainly in business-like. I even wanted to work with my father in his own company and leave school! But he wanted me to stay. Now in October I bought a few days ago Ascension and now listen to it instead of Emperor, which feels it’s working even faster. I’m saving Emperor for the moment when my brother and I start our own cryptomining company as soon as I am 18 years old.
That was my story and how I got here, must say I’m really impressed with how these audios are made, absolutely love the ultrasonic ones.

So, one thing is bothering now it’s that I have only one bad habit I want to change, which is porn and masturbation. I reached two weeks but the arousal is really intense and don’t know how to deal with them urges. And now with Ascension I feel like it’s the perfect moment to kick this habit away. Can you guys help me in how to deal with these urges? Don’t want to offend anyone, but feel that the NoFap communities aren’t really helpful, they repeat the same tips.
Thanks y’all for reading and look forward to both healing and to be in this community. Cheers!


First, thanks for the trust by sharing so much!

Second, welcome!

For me the best way has been to do a meditation practice (microcosmic orbit is good), or a transmutation where I really focus on my groin and then gently guide that energy away from there up my spine.

Eventually subliminals will likely help you since although masturbation may be nice on the one hand (had to throw in that joke), it is not helpful to you. So subliminals will help you realize that you have better things to do and if your body wants it so badly, it should attract a nice girl instead. At that point, your natural drive will make it easy to talk to them and you’ll be arousing them as well. Human biology at its finest.

The sex drive will at some point moderate itself. But you should keep in mind that you are at an age where the hormones are on overdrive, so don’t blame yourself too much. Everybody around you is probably having the same issue.

PS Just in case the subliminals do help you to have girls lined up around the block, keep a few condoms on you. You don’t want an unexpected surprise at your age.


Thanks a lot man, this place feels safe to share some things of mine.
I’ll research about that practices, as soon as I can practice it the better. I really don’t want this habit anymore.
And about the sex drive, it’s something that my brother also told me to not to feel so ashamed, but must say, I do feel better now than in August, which helps me because I’m interested in getting in a relationship, but probably not now until I start high school. I am aware of them surprises!

Since my birthday is in December, I can’t wait to see the results in two months of Ascension! I feel it’s like a awesome way to start my 17 years and my last year of a teenager!
Thank you DarkPhilosopher, help is really appreciated.


@PurpleRT73 - it’s excellent to start these subliminals when you are young. Hope you reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Since you mentioned that you would like to get into a relationship, I would advice against it at this age. I would recommend that you have sex and be honest with the girls that you just want to share some good times with them without a relationship.

It’s just a suggestion though since in the end it is you who have to make those choices. But why I am recommending this is that you still have time to grow up and you can use this time to build your finances and fitness levels up along with transitioning from boyhood to manhood.

All the best whatever you choose, my friend. And welcome to SubClub.


Hey man, something’s interesting is happening on these days, since the day I posted this introduction, I haven’t been interested in anything erotic or so in the moment. Did my mind finally realized this habit isn’t productive at all or something?

After I used Emperor all September month and I’m only using Ascension with Limitless, does it mean I’m actually using Ascension for 51 days instead of 2-3 weeks? It caught my attention I feel more happy and optimistic as usual, even my friends talk to me more than ever!

This is my third day with Limitless, what a awesome dream I had after I woke up this morning.
Must say, when they said that Emperor is tough, it IS. All I remember about September are past emotional struggles between arousal, sadness, desperation and suppressed anger.

I’m feeling more with peace and this week is going well. That’s it for now.
Thank you for your support man, and good luck for everyone on your own paths