Hello New User HERE!


Hi, D here, I am a Self-Love Coach on Healing and Personal Development Journey, Personal Dev has always been fascinated me, from Energy Healing, Healing Crystals, Reiki, hypnosis, EFT, Swtichwords, Binaural Beats, Subliminals, Masterminds, and Getting a Coach.

Though definitely there are lot of inner stuff I need to work on, emotional healing, procrastination, mindset, clutter, and distraction. For some reason the tendency to not take action is strong, so there is that.

Today I magically led to Subliminal Club by my Inner Wisdom, Which I frankly say I didn’t know existed before. After Listing my Favorite and trusted producers at the time: Hypnodaddy, Akuo, Fabio Siggardi, and Indigo Mind Lab, Then Somehow I am guided towards Hypnodaddy through Muscle Testing (been doing this a lot), while looking for reviews, I found this site, I was HUGELY Skeptical at first, but after seeing Raving reviews, AND The 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed, I am convinced, according to my Muscle Testing this is The Best option at the moment, so I’d just bought EMPEROR V4, Since it’s a HUGE Bundle and Covers Personal Development, Business and Finance (Plus Sex Attraction Yay !)

I am still feeling mixed feelings at the moment, mostly excited and proud.

Will Update soon how it goes.


Welcome aboard! Look forward to your emperor journey!


Welcome and good luck! You should notice Emperor working soon enough. If you are willing to share, do make a journal on the forum.

It’s nice to know where you came from. I would ask that if people start asking about all those other producers, you tell them to follow their own intuition. We generally don’t discuss other producers on this forum, at least not the subliminal kind (I recognized two). Binaurals and hypnosis are usually fine. As is the energy work.

You use all those intuitive methods to arrive here and then don’t use them to pick a subliminal? I would have expected you to use a pendulum or something to pick the right subliminal for you. :slight_smile:


Welcome @Stellarhowl, and I look forward to your journal with your progress :slight_smile:


@Stellarhowl welcome to the family :wink:

Always journal – online or offline. It does help you understand what’s happening.

Wish you all the best!


Feel welcomed!

Interestingly enough all of the above topics besides subliminal’s are being discussed here on the forum. Subliminal Club really attracts people who have an internal desire to bring there fullest potential to the surface.

Seems like you’re on a the right track. I wish you the most of luck on achieving your desires and goals!


Thank you for all the support and warm welcome Peoples.

I am making a journal about my Progress with Emperor Stack.
I feel really good about the future.