Hello! New to subliminals, need guidance


Hello All!
This is ARC
First of all I would like to thank the creators for the lovely programs and this platform. I would also like to thank the amazing community.

This is the first time here and I will be trying subliminals for the first time.
However there are so many to choose from, I am overwhelmed and unsure which one to start with!
Please help me.

I will tell you my background and goals.

I am currently pursuing my masters in Australia. After my masters, I want to start my own business back home. My goal is to develop a entreprenurial mind and be an effective communicator.

I can talk to people easily often but can only do it on the surface level. Can’t carry conversations too long in order todevelop deep relationships.
And in many social situations I get awkward and completely shut down

I do suffer with lack of confidence, selfesteem and assertiveness at times.

I guess to summarize, I want to immprove status , confidence, self esteem, communication skills,
Become more social, to build a strong business relationships. Develop an entrepreneurial mind to get business ideas and figure out ways to implement them.

Furthermore, I read alot of books and I want to absorb the information more efficiently.

overall, I want to be a positive, masculine assertive, powerful and dominant person.
Lastly, I do not want anything that would affect my religious views

Please give me suggestions where to start!

Looking forward to an amazing journey and sharing it with you all.



I’m thinking at least Limitless (or wait a bit for Quantum, it should release somewhere within two months). That should help with the learning and the degree.

I’m assuming there is still some time before you finish your studies and need to be an entrepreneur, which means you could take some time running a multi-stage as well as work on your social skills and inner state.

EoG does the entrepreneurial mindset and likely the networking. But Khan hits many of the other issues you summarized. I’m leaning towards Khan right now, possibly with Emperor or EoG at a later time. May depend on your budget as well.

Alternatively, an Emperor/Daredevil combination may also work, with some Power and Circle maybe. But that may be a bit heavy if you’re just starting out.

Finally, I’m no pro on superchargers, but Beyond/Legacy/True Social seem helpful.

Don’t worry about the religious views, the subs are agnostic, they won’t alter your beliefs. Except maybe Alchemist, but only if some part of you is already wondering if there’s more. But you’ll notice I’m not recommending Alchemist, as amazing as it may be.

@AMASH, you are better at stacks. What do you think?

PS Welcome! Thanks for joining us on this journey.


Thank you so much for you suggestion. Im feeling at home already.
Initially, I thought of starting with emperor. However, I went through many posts on the introduction section. What I could figure out so far is that, the emperor is very strong, perhaps too strong if you don’t have a solid foundation. Therefore, I was thinking of starting with
*Limit destroyer (stack)
*Rebirth (stack)
*Sanguine (stack)
*Limitless (major)
*Beyond Limitless (stack)
*Ascended Mugal ( should I do Mugal and ascention separately, or will that be redundant).
Daredevil (major)
Spartan (major)

Is this too much to start with? What would you recommend instead?

Please note that I don’t want anything that might lead me towards becoming a multi woman lover… Although I do want an attractive personality.

Thank you!


Alan Roger Currie? :wink:

Thank you so much for the kind words my friend :slight_smile:

Honestly, the best “customized” stack for you would be:

True Social 1-2x in the morning

Then a loop of this playlist as much as possible:

Khan x2
Mogul x1

On repeat. Until you get to Stage 4 on Khan, and stay with Khan ST4 and Mogul then for at least 3 months.

I am looking forward to following your journey, and excited for you @mecharc.

I believe this stack will keep your playlist focused, while fitting and hitting on all your goals. The longer you use it, the better your results.

So start it, going through all the stages of Khan, and let us know about your progress!


@AMASH Thank you brother! your advice has been much appreciated!
However, please do give me advice as to how to handle the sexual urges that may arise.
to clarify, I am in a serious long distance relationship with the person of my dreams and I will preserve it at all cost.
I don’t mind radiating raw sexual power, but i also want to make it clear to other girls that i am un-available.

As I don’t understand the optimum combinationsyet , i have the following queries-

  1. In many of the articles i have come across, I have read that the ascended mugal has been prefered over the mugal. would this be different for my case?
  2. Do you think it would be a good idea to add Spartan and/ or atleast Limitless to my stack? (because i read alot of books and i want to improve my reading effectiveness)
  3. Will stage 1 and 2 of khan be equivalent to that of Rebirth and Limit Destroyer?
  4. can this proccess affect my exam performance, for exams coming up?

Lastly, can you guide me as to how to get the promo code for my first purchase?

Thank you!


Thanks to Khan, you will have no problem saying no :slight_smile:

Yes. Khan is more powerful than Ascended Mogul. Mogul on its own will help you focus on money and entrepreneurial spirit. You do not need Ascended Mogul, this playlist is better.

No. Do not distract yourself.
Plus, Khan ST3 and ST4 have Limitless.

Yes. And better.

When will your next exams be?

I don’t know. I am a member here just like you. Ask those who work for SC or contact their support staff.


My Exams are twenty days away. what do you suggest?


@AMASH I skipped one detail. I have some problems with pronography addiction will that be eliminated by any of the programs in my stack?


I am also a heavy porn addict I stopped watching 8 days ago and I used to have dreams of porn scenes after I stopped every night I didn’t have in the last 2 days and that’s when I started Khan Stage 1.
Coincidence I think not :smile:


@Flake_And_Milk! Wow Thanks!! how long were you into that curse?


Start your playlist now :slight_smile:

And let us know how you feel. It depends on how naturally you will fit into the changes you’ll get soon.



I have started when I was 13 years old and now I am 21. That’s 8 years.

Borderline NSFW story incoming.

I was told when I was a kid that it’s cool if you know a lot of material. So i watched a lot of videos. I probably could have gone to “Become a millionaire” if the topic was porn and win first prize. But yeah we compared who knew more I had good results, but even after that I was already hooked on it. It got worse as the years passed. I often spent hours searching for a video that I think it would be okay as fap material (just okay, not something great or something to what I would say amazing). We have a no shut doors policy in my house so I used to do it in the bathroom but the problem is we have washing machines in the bathroom, and most of the times the washing machines were already started when I entered so I used to wait till the rotations stop and try to hear out what others do in the house (probably the only good thing porn did to me it made my hearing very sharp) and based on the sound I would decide if they are cooking, walking, watching tv, staying in their room, and then the rotations began again I would try to finish asap. But it’s not that easy when you’re used to fapping 2-3 times a day so sometimes I wasted more than an hour trying to finish and being stressed out about what if someone comes in. Luckily I never got caught in those 8 years.


Feeling blessed!


Bro! lucky you! you have save 5 more years of your life from this curse than me!


Let me add my 2 cents as well…

Limit Destroyer is a different animal, but when it comes to the healing, Saint had this to say when Khan just came out and everybody wanted to know about the mysterious Stage 1:

Ascended Mogul is better than running both Ascension and Mogul together, since the code was optimized. But if you follow AMASH’s advice and combine it with Khan, you wouldn’t need Ascension. In that case, Mogul alone is better.

There are one or two users that claim adding Limitless to Khan/EoG did have a noticeable effect for learning. I haven’t done it myself, so I can’t help you any more there. Look for the journals.

Leave Spartan out for now. As AMASH said, no need to add too much. If you believe that being in fit shape is part of being a man, then Khan will help there anyway. Multiple users, including myself and AMASH, have noticed better recovery from training and modest weight loss starting with Khan ST2. It may not drive you to training, but it will likely change your habits to healthier ones over time.

For me, the desire got a lot worse in ST2 and went away in ST3. Now I don’t feel like looking for porn at all. If I do watch, I go for the classy stuff that’s more about beauty and intimacy than pounding. Something women can enjoy as well.

I have notified the Boys of the Board using another channel. That’s all I can do.


@DarkPhilosopher Thank you so much! i got into a strage predicument. som I have two different accounts for the community and the shop (passwords got saved in laptop and i forgot), i did this mistake by joing the two platforms at different times with different active emails… will that affect the credibility of this community account, because there will be no history of purchase in this account.


Please ignore this query


Not strange at all. The accounts are not linked, although it makes things slightly more complicated if they use different emails, since we can’t look up your account by email then. I do believe you can change your store email address under Account Details in My Account. I’d recommend you change the passwords though, just in case your laptop forgets them too.

As for the ignored query, Khan should make you social enough. Especially combined with True Social as AMASH suggested.


Im not sure if you ever read rollo tommasi books or follow his blog but try to read this post which he talks about long distance relationships with a open mind.