Hello. New here


Hi, joined few days ago, but started really commenting today.

Read up on things. Got familiar with what the programs and member results are.

I’ve used subliminals semi-successfully. I still use subliminals throughout the night on earbuds. I’ve actually gotten used to having sound playing. No matter with or without woman.

I am interested in building a business empire. Therefore, I assume Emperor should be my choice as, from what I understood, it’s the only business product with masked version.


Hi and welcome! Hope you have a great journey.

Emperor, Sex & Seduction and everything that will come out later will have a masked version. The old programs should get it too, creators are planing to optimize them.


Hey, welcome to Subliminal Club. We’re happy to have you here. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the welcome.

Got myself the Emperor sub today. As it was my first purchase, it’s just $24.5. Took a bit of time to have an exposure to different sound levels and regulate Ultrasonic Extreme volume to my needs. I don’t have smartphone, so went by ear. I’ve had experience with ultrasonic subs where I messed up my hearing for a few months. This time I am more careful. The good thing from all of that is that I now feel when it’s comfortable or not really well. I do know I am hearing something from ultrasonic, btw. I feel very subtle and small vibrations of sounds in my forehead (we can hear through there anyway).

Also, loaded 6 copies of masked version in mp3 player. Will have a night run too. Exposing myself to the best of my ability.


Welcome to the club, we look forward reading on your progress with Emperor. :slight_smile: