Hello, new here


Hello everyone. I just joined this site, and I just got into Subliminals literally 2 days ago. So I’m very new. I joined this site for advice on how to have effective results.

I have body dysphoria, and I’ve been suffering with it my whole life. Recently I’ve found this channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCzZLKvDG1D2J_zCzJ9z1wsQ
And I got real interested if this could finally be the thing that helps my appearance, I fully understand that it’s going to take time for it to work.
What I desire the most is flawless pale white skin. I listen on what I believe to be a IPhone 8, and I go on a website that loops videos. I listened to a booster for a hour, and then I listen to the flawless pale white skin subliminal for a hour. And then when I went to sleep, I played it again for pretty much the entire duration of sleep. I also drink about 2 bottles of water a day, mostly when listening to the subliminals. As while listening to the subliminals I play video games, but I turn the sound on mute.
I’m wondering if I’m doing anything wrong or if there is something I could approve on for better effects.


This isn’t a site for general subliminal usage.

It’s a site dedicated to SubliminalClub’s offerings.

That being said we don’t have any subliminals dedicated to the goal you want to achieve.

Our goals are much more substantial and not cosmetic.

What I would recommend in your situation is picking up a subliminal called Regeneration. It may help you get rid of your body dysphoria.


Oh my bad, sorry.
Yeah. Also yes. I guess I can also try Regeneration.



While we aren’t a general subliminal forum (we have our own products and our own technology), we are more than happy to help you out.

Body dysphoria would most effectively be taken care of by Regeneration, Rebirth, or Spartan. The first two are for modifying your negative beliefs, traumas, views, etc, while Spartan is a physical oriented subliminal.

Running any of them would help with your problem. You could also consider stacking, which is also effective thanks to the way our subliminals are built.

In Subliminal Club we specialize more on grand, life changing goals in life, by hitting the underlying issues, and aim to help people achieve their full potential. In short, advancing human potential.

But, if you had an extremely strong desire for good skin, and took care of it by using the proper cosmetic products and having a good diet, alongside running Spartan, it is more than possible to achieve. The strong desire would focus Spartan on your skin specifically - they can be driven to an extent by the user’s input, like that.

In Subliminal Club’s case, we do not use boosters. Every subliminal is already working at maximum capacity, and simply needs active input from the user (taking action).

We use the set it and forget it method, where you listen as much as possible, to the point of forgetting about it.

Look into different ointments and treatments you can use on your skin (for example sylicilic acid for oily skin, retinol for acne, etc), while honing your diet. Check what type of skin you have, and see what works for it and doesn’t.

Welcome to Subliminal Club.


Thanks so much, I’ll look into those now.