Hello - New here, question



I’m new here, and I just bought the Emperor subliminal recently.

Currently, I tend to lack confidence in myself. I would like to be more outgoing and socialize better when being with friends or new people. Also, often question my decisions from work.
I hope that the Emperor can help me overcome this.

Also got a question regarding playback.

I measured the playback with Frequensee and I saw that it hovers around -60 dB when playing on my iPhone 8. That is with the volume turned all the way up. Is this how its supposed to be?

I can see that are both a “normal” and an extreme version, which one should I use?

Edit: Is there anything that can be used at night, so my gf wont hear it? I cannot use corded things as I tend to move around a lot in bed.


I wouldn’t put much faith in Frequensee and other apps on your phone. (Nearly) all phones today have some sort of noise reduction, enhancer, volume leveler and a bunch of other stuff designed to make your voice clearer and subdue other noise. I too can only get -60, even if I use big speakers, connected to my PC, playing at very high volumes. That is clearly nonsense, if the instructions are right and subliminas are loder than usual music. You can measure that on your PC, where you can turn off all enhancements. What I do is I play a bit of music, set a comfortable volume and play the subliminal at that same volume. Hope you have a great success.