Hello! New guy here! I'd love to get some help


So to make this quick I want to ask the experienced ones if I can mix the Emperor ZP flac with Exctasy of Gold ZP?

I started with Emperor ZP about 2 weeks ago and have been seeing great results. And my cycle finishes in 1 week.

Now my real question here is can I start using EoG now (with Emperor ZP) or should I wait until my emperor cycle finish?


You can definitely use them together. I would recommend running EoG Stage 1 before emperor in your playlist, due to how the “breakdown/healing” in that works.


Hmm, smart. But my Emperor cycle finish in about a week.

Should I still go ahead and run EoG ST1 with Emperor?

I’d probably hold off and finish out the cycle as is. Add EoG next cycle


Perfect. I will do that!

Thank you.

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I’d wait until your Emperor results plateau or stabilize.

These are the objectives of Emperor ZP
  • Achieve total financial abundance and freedom through the manifestation and building of wealth and success.
  • Increase overall motivation to generate as much wealth as possible through all available channels, which includes creating NEW channels and pathways for revenue (ex: entrepreneurship, trading stocks or crypto, etc.).
  • Improve and enhance natural positive manifestation abilities, especially when working toward achieving financial abundance, success, and your romance life.
  • Easily generate new ideas for wealth generation and increase motivation to act on those ideas.
  • Begin creating your business / social / romantic empire using the resources you have now, rather than having to “save up” before starting.
  • Enhance and improve decision making skills when scaling your empire once you’ve acquired more resources.
  • Improve goal setting habits, and completely dissolve all fears around achieving those goals, especially when setting goals that deal with generating wealth, achieving success and cultivating your romance life.
  • Increase overall productivity and eliminate procrastination, especially when working toward generating maximum wealth and cultivating your romance life.
  • Breakthrough and eliminate any and all internal wealth ceilings (negative beliefs capping your earning potential) preventing you from achieving complete financial freedom.
  • Breakthrough and eliminate any and all internal success ceilings (negative beliefs capping your ability to achieve widespread success).
  • Overall cognitive enhancement—faster raw processing speed, increase fluid intelligence, develop strong logical reasoning abilities, quickly learn new skills, etc.
  • Uncover / discover any secrets, strategies and tactics that will help you achieve incredible wealth and financial abundance.
  • Improve debt management skills and eliminate all debt that inhibits your ability to generate wealth (this does not negatively affect strategic deals that includes obtaining credit or other capital that requires repayment).
  • Develop long-term financial visualization and planning skills.
  • Manifest friends, colleagues, partners, etc. who will help you achieve all of your success and wealth goals.
  • Manifest mentors, books, courses and other sources of information to give you the knowledge to achieve all of your success and wealth goals.
  • Develop a strong sense of self, improve internal confidence in your ability to succeed at everything you attempt, especially when working toward wealth generation.
  • Completely detach from and neutralize all negative societal programming in regards to money, success and generating wealth.
  • Change your mindset to that of a winner, turning all negatives into opportunities for growth and acting upon those opportunities in a way that helps you generate wealth and achieve widespread success.
  • Completely detach from and neutralize all negative societal programming in regards to masculinity and sexuality with the target goal of achieving absolute romantic and sexual freedom.
  • Attract and manifest romantic partners for the purposes of a monogamous relationship, or multiple sexual relationships.
  • Improve and enhance your seduction and sexual skills — perform better in bed, improved sexual stamina, overcome premature ejaculation.
  • Generate a profound, incredibly potent energetic and physical aura of sexiness.
  • Generate a profound, incredibly potent energetic and physical aura of power, respect, status and strength.
  • Easily develop strong and assertive masculine body language and masculine voice.
  • Easily develop assertive, strong masculine language skills and manner of speaking.
  • Develop an extreme sense of internal power and strength.
  • General masculinity boost, including boosts in confidence, power, strength, invincibility, self-assuredness, and being comfortable in one’s own skin.
  • Easily develop positive leadership skills, prompting those around you to follow your lead.
  • Easily discover your path in life and make steps to relentlessly achieve those goals.
  • Develop a relentless sense of power, ambition and motivation, with automatic harnessing of this power to achieve all your goals.
  • Body shifting — muscles, physical shifting, fat burning, increasing overall toughness.
  • Reframing of past adversities as learning moments—giving you insight on how to overcome all future challenges (replacing the “manifest challenges” scripting).
  • … and much more.

(Just click on the little black triangle)

What additional objectives do you want from Ecstasy of Gold that are not in that list?

Anyway, Palpatine’s right that you can run them together. But I’ve become a big fan of letting the titles really breathe. Emperor alone is going to guide you to a lot of wealth and wealth-building. You started 2 weeks ago, and it’s probably nowhere near its max yet.


Reason I want to run EoG is because I am really interested in getting rid of every single money-making blockage that the stage 1 offers.

Because I feel like i have blockages that I want to get rid of first.

If emperor already goes in-depth of removing limiting beliefs then that is great :+1:t4:


Emperor and EoG together is a great stack idea. Do do them together after you finish your current cycle of Emperor.

Would recommend 3 cycles of each stage of EoG to get optimum results. I haven’t done EoG yet but for multistages, 3 cycles per stage is a good idea.

Welcome to SubClub! Great to hear that Emperor is working very well for you.


Yeah I was thinking to stack them up and run them together after I’m done with Emperor cycle.

Thank you for the recommendation of cycles and thank you for the warm welcome❤️

Have an amazing day!


@Lion sorry to derail the conversation, I just wanted some clarification on this. Was the norm changed from 2 cycles to 3? I’m asking as I haven’t exactly get up to date with the forum lately.

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2 cycles per stage is minimum recommendation but 3 cycles in my view is optimum.


Thank you for the clarification, I’ll keep that in mind in regard to my cycles with Quantum Limitless.


@Epic99 A warm welcome to The Sub Club community. Enjoy your journey.


Thank you friend!


To second that… I’ve been in EmP for 4 months straight now and it keeps getting better and better and better. All I can say is that EmP gives you a lot if you stick with it.