Hello, lurker since last October


I’m a guy from Singapore, turning 33. Started on SubClub mid-October 2023. Decided to start a forum account as journaling in gedit was lonely, and public advice/accountability would be helpful.

Unhappy with many parts of my life right now, trying to work on them.

Currently on washout until Monday, then I’m starting on QL2 and KB4. Will like to add a social/attraction sub, I have Wanted and Primal but get needy for results so figured I need to restart elsewhere.

Pleased to meet you all :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

That’s normal. Your mind is reconciling with the subs. We call that process a recon.
Use shorter loops or increase the rest days between the listening days if the recon messes too much with your daily life. Additionally, taking action and journaling will help you get over the recon faster.


Sounds like you’re going through a metamorphosis…


Here’s what I’ve learned over 3 years running these subs: appreciate everyone’s personal experience, but never neglect your own senses and intuition.