Hello, I'm new here


Hey there, I’ve just joined this club and thought it’s appropriate to introduce myself. I’m 46, married and have 2 teenage sons. Any Malaysians here?

I’ve read about subliminals before, like how advertisers use imagery and sounds to influence TV viewers. But as an actual user, I’m very new. I’m currently using a competitor’s product called [ADMIN EDIT: Removed competitor name] to assist my Russian Squat Routine. It is masked and I can hear whispers. The instruction was to listen to it for one loop of 45 minutes at bedtime for 21 days. It’s only been a few days so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

As for how I discovered this club, I think it’s because of Dan Lok. He has these millionaire mind programming affirmations on YouTube and as his student I have to reprogram my mind daily with these affirmations. So somehow one day I happened to be online and one of the random stuff I saw was the Subliminal Club product site.

I have some questions but I’ll post them in the appropriate sections. Happy to be here, cheers!