Hello guys (introduction + question)



I’ve been listening to subliminals for quiet some time now. But I have to say that I’m quiet impressed with the Emperor sub I’ve been listening to for a few days.

I have one question. I know you can combine different subliminals, but it’s now completely clear for me if that’s also the case for Emperor. I’m thinking about combining Ascension with Emperor to put more emphasis on the alpha part of Emperor. However I don’t know if it’s allowed with Emperor since it’s already a very large script. And if it’s allowed would it be worth it?

Btw the new S&S subs looks amazing. If I won’t do Ascension I will probably pre order S&S.

Edit: I saw in a journals of one of the founders that he found a good algorithm or whatever for the ads for subliminalclub. Today is saw the adds on Facebook aswell as on Instagram. Just to let the founders know that it works.


I personally would stick to Emperor for now and nothing else for at least 30 days and see how things go.