Hello guys and gals

I just got Emperor 3 days back, got libertine today.

yesterday I meditated before listening to emperor. I was in a deep state of mind and then emperor masked started playing. I could feel my body getting warm, it started from my feet and went up all the way to my face. I was confused for a bit then realized, its from emperor…

Excited for the massive growth potential.

Looking forward to level up with y’all


Welcome on board!


Emperor will make you a beast in the best of ways!


A quick question does the libertine aura affect family members, I would think it’s smart enough to not cause it but what have your experiences been. Does it affect your mom sister cousin etc?
Kindly let me know guys

Naughty, naughty :rofl:

The aura affects only people who would respond positively to your sexual side, so unless your mom really saw you as a sexual “object”, she wouldn’t get affected by it. It filters out the “wrong” people.


Bruh :sweat_smile: just making sure it doesn’t backfire on me. I don’t want anything to happen at home you know