Hello Friends, I would like you to help me


Hello friends, my name is Terry, I am 19 years old, I have been listening to YouTube subliminal for about 3-4 years and have received some results, now I would like to buy subliminals from here to step my game up. It would be nice if you guys could give me 1-2 subliminal to listen to help me achieve my goals.
Here are my goals:

-eliminate social anxiety
-eliminate fear
-easily attract women
-get rid of approach anxiety
-be extremely productive
-never waste time
-be extremely intelligent
-be extremely confident
-have good body language
-not care what people think of me
-be respected
-attract MORE women

I would appreciate if you guys would help me, thank you!


I think Ascended Mogul and Primal Seduction would work great to achieve most or all of those goals.


Combing them?


Ok, I’ll give you a couple of titles pro’s and cons

Ascension : Overall more respect from other people, more discipline, more attraction from woman, bodylanguage, respect, sex. Will help you in everything basically, but not specialise.

Emperor : Less social than ascencion, but I’d say you’ll become way more productive and focus on work and learning. Also massive respect from other and dominance.

Primal and primal seduction : Will developp respect, a lot more social than ascension or emperor, but less drive to work. These subs are more geared toward building you toward an attractive man. Good banter, fun playful vibe.

Khan : Basically everything you mentionned (banter, confidence, dominance, respect, sex and woman, social and social intelligence, productivity), just takes a long time to work to it, not so much recommanded for beginners because it could discourage you.

So, even if I wrote a paragraph, I might go with @realbillperry’s suggestion, because Ascended Mogul will make you work, productive, confidence, body language, respect. Primal seduction would add more alphaness (but the sexual and carefree vibe), the social and the sex (seduction, banter, fun)

Just keep in mind that your objective are pretty large hahaha, you need to keep in mind that this kind of work is year based, not week based! If I check out my journals from a year ago and compare them to now, I’m not the same man. Just not the same man. But did I see the change day to day? Not fast enough in my opinion, you just need to have realistic expectation.

If your goal would of been : I want to be smart… OK, run Beyond limitless, 4 months and you will never have been as smart your entire life. Want to be more social? Ok, daredevil. Want more sexual vibe and sex? Ok, primal seduction. More work? EoG, Emperor, Mogul or Ascended mogul, the larger your objective are, the longer it takes to change them all :wink:

You also might need some healing, who knows, but knows that. But I must say that I had trouble getting laid before starting subclub’s subliminal and 2 years later… well, I must say I’m not really spending too much time without sex hahaha


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I’d run Emperor, True Social and Libertine. That would take care of all your goals and you might be able to handle it if done properly.

I’d suggest you start slow and build up gradually. You might also want to run Emperor every day and only use True Social and Libertine occasionally before you go out.


Yes. The parlance for that is “Stacking”. In this case you might start with listening to each one once a day. Each time of listening is called a “loop.”

If you can listen to each once a day without “Reconciliation” then up it to 2.
Search the term “Sweet spot” in forum in posts by SaintSovereign and you’ll get a good rundown of that.


I second this. Run 2 loops of Ascended Mogul and 2 loops of Primal Seduction. Adjust your loops when you start getting results.


Also, see this support article on the concept of stacking: https://www.subliminalclub.com/support/how-many-loops-should-i-listen-to-single-title/


Isn’t this the single-title article?


Ok I will run primal seduction and ascended mogul for 3 months, for the first week I’ll do 2 loops each, 2nd week I’ll do 3 loops, 3rd I’ll do 4, and 4th I’ll keep going with 5 loops each day until I reach 3 months, and then after the three months I will start solo khan, is that good?


I"m becoming a fan of the idea of benchmarks. That means you have a sort of mental checklist of what you want to achieve with a particular subliminal program.

If you achieve those things, you move on.
if you change a lot and then plateau, you may make some adjustment

Starting out, it makes sense to choose some time-frame like 1 month or 3 months and so on. That helps you to make a mental commitment to stick with it. But as you gain more experience with them, the times may start to seem arbitrary.

Probably the most meaningful factor influencing how long you’ll need to spend with a particular title is this: how active are you willing to be in that area of your life?

A program works most effectively and efficiently when a person is very actively engaged with the area of life related to that program.