Hello everyone, new member here, but not new to subliminals

Hello everyone, I found the page of Subliminal Club as a result of looking for reviews on a competitor’s product, and found a blog by a member known as Eternity. He’s a member on that competitor’s forum, but decided to make his own blog so there’s no limitations as to his reviewing of different products from various sub makers. What attracted me to look into Subliminal Club is that he states that the subs produced here brings results at a much faster rate, and that one doesn’t need to wait up to 6+ months to complete the sessions/stages, like those made by that well known company, whose flagship products usually come in 6/7 stages.

That, and the fact that he (Eternity) is currently beta testing a new sub (S&S) from Subliminal Club that “is purported to do what DMSI wished it could.” Not to mention that the other product has been under development for the past two years, is nowhere near completion, and the latest beta versions seem to produce less blatant results than the early versions.

So far I’m just going around reading the journal results from various members in this forum. One thing that I like so far is that Sub Club’s products are “stackable”, which is great because there won’t be any issues if one wants to change or use different products, and not having to wait 2 weeks+ before being able to change subs.

I’ll be giving the free sub Ascension LITE a try when I’m done listening to EPRHA for the recommended 2-3 months. Either that, or I might just go ahead and jump right into one of the Ascension/Mogul programs right off the bat, or perhaps that new S&S product that is currently in beta testing mode, since I’ve done some major improvements in becoming more alpha/confident with the other subs I have tried in the past, along with reading good books on the subject. So a sub that helps me become better at seducing women is of great interest to me.

So far I’ve had experienced results from trying different subs in the past, but feel there’s room for great improvement. And from what I’ve read so far, it sounds like Sub Club has some cutting edge technology in development that will take the field of subliminals to a whole new level.


Hey man, I believe I know the other product your talking about. Just my personal opinion but I’d start the sub club stuff asap. I have gotten more improvement from 6 days of using Emperor than I have gotten from using other subliminals for months. But that’s just my humble advice.