Hello everyone! College Student here! Nice to meet you all

Greetings everyone,

I’m new to this forum and excited to be here. I recently purchased Emperor and am currently listening to it. I saved up for weeks to get this sub and can’t wait to see the results. Additionally, I’ve incorporated LBFH into my routine and am also listening to Ascension Chamber once a week as they are both available for free.

Now that I’ve introduced myself, I would like to inform you of the reasons why I’m listening to the subs and perhaps also ask for some advice? I would like to give you all a brutally honest introduction to who I really am. Since if I don’t admit these faults of mine then I won’t change right? What better way to do it in this forum where anonymity is guaranteed.

I’m a 20yrs old currently taking a Mechatronics Engineering Degree on a state university on our country. I’m from Asia btw. I’m quite enjoying the course itself, but I often found myself procrastinating and just wasting a day not even studying the concepts taught that day. I would constantly lie on my bed all day. Thinking about it, when it’s time to study i would automatically make excuses to myself thinking that whatever happens happen and that my stock knowledge will carry me through it. It never does, because of this thinking it has led to me to fail 2 of my subjects.

I also find that I lack the consistency to pursue my goals. I’d read a book on self-improvement; I would get hyped and even motivated for the first few days and after that just fizzle out. I also used to go to the gym every single day in my high school days. but now, I have this fear of the gym I think? Because I basically become fat then slim then became fat again. I think I feel shame for failing those goals of mine and letting myself go. It’s this cycle of me going after a new goal motivated and ready to take on the world and then me losing those motivation and then feeling pretty shit about it afterwards.

I think I’m a charismatic person? because whenever I talk to people i feel at ease, I even hosted some events. but thinking deeper about it. It feels like I’m putting a facade, a mask in order to make those people like me. I’m someone who didn’t really have his own opinion for the fear of getting ridiculed and outcasted on my friend group. It has become normal for me to just go with what’s popular and adapt that belief. I have always based my confidence and self-assuredness to what other people think of me.

In terms of my relationships with other people, I always find that I always become submissive if that’s the right word for it. I would always accede to their demands no matter how ridiculous. I have a HARD time saying no. Since I felt like if I do so people would reject me. I always tend to “Be the bigger man” in an argument" but further meditation on it reveals that I’m just afraid of confrontation. I never wanted to be in an argument. It feels scary to me. But maybe it’s because I don’t really know what I believe in that’s why I can’t defend them.

In terms of relationships with women, Oh boy. I’m the archetype of a nice guy. I would shower girls with compliments and hope that they become attracted to me. I have also never kissed or even held hands with a woman. I think one of the reasons why is because I’m afraid they’ll cancel me if that makes sense to you all. Because in our country feminism is so rampant. I feel like if did something wrong it would ruin my life. I don’t want to blame feminism, maybe it’s just how I am.

That’s basically it. I aim to transform myself and be free of these characteristics/flaws of mine. I want adopt the qualities that I have always imagined but couldn’t manifest.

Btw, I’m also planning on buying another sub to add to my stack, please give me advice on that. Money has been rather tight and I’m glad I got to buy the sub so yes. I plan on listening to Emperor for a whole year or more since It’s a big investment for me. I can’t really buy subliminals continually. So please give me advice on the subs that have the most bang for buck in regard to my situation of course. Thank you all again.

P.S: It has been rather hard for me to write the words on these post as exploring yourself and being aware of your flaws is hard. Any advice in regard to how i can take action is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

At the posting of this post. It’s nighttime from where I live so I won’t be able to respond to your replies, but I would read them all first thing in the morning. Thank you all again.


Welcome @Alcor. None of the stuff you described seems so bad, from my perspective. You’re 20. And you just survived the modern educational system. It teaches you nothing about who you are or how to find/create deep motivation. Congrats on surviving and making it through.

Now it’s time for you to begin another kind of educational journey. But this one is awesome. You’re going to learn how to be happy, how to be effective, how to be motivated. It’ll take time, but you’ll get it.

In the meantime, you can’t press ‘Pause’ on life, so give yourself a little time and permission for things to not be perfect. Obviously, the more you work things out, the better you will direct your life. It’s not like you’d make something unsatisfying on purpose. So don’t waste too much time on self-blame. Instead, just concentrate on learning to create an awesome life.

“Nice guy.” “Not nice guy.” It’s not really the point, in my opinion. Too far in either direction will be equally repugnant.

If you’re going to a woman to save you from yourself, and to save you from facing challenges in life; then it doesn’t matter if you’re using the Nice Guy strategy or the A**hole strategy; you’re equally a sucker.

If you’re facing life, and learning to take responsibility for your own journey, and gradually learning to walk your own path. Not letting anyone, man or woman, replace your own sense of what your life is. Then you’re doing it right.

If you’re doing those things, ‘nice’ or ‘not nice’ doesn’t really matter.

Emperor’s a great program, and it will help you.

But why in the heck are you not running Limitless?

Well, don’t worry. Emperor has Limitless functionality in it too. So, it’ll probably help you to both see your direction more clearly and perform better in your studies.

Bro, welcome again and wish you nothing but the best. I look forward to seeing you achieving higher and higher levels of mastery, competence, and satisfaction! (And can’t forget sexual interaction. haha. You’re probably wanting that too.)


This is the best thing I’ve heard in long. I am almost 20 myself—and I completely agree.


It’s hard to think that i’m still young and just starting to ecplore who I am really. I tend to forget that sometimes. Thank you for this.

That’s definitely one of the things that I hope Emperor can help me out since i have a big fear on failing stuff. I’m more of a thinker instead of a doer. I focus on the details on how I’m gonna do stuff hence my over-reliance on self-improvement books. I hope Emperor can transform that.

That’s definitely one of the things I’m lacking. My mindset has always been its everyone’s fault but me. Thank god for emperor though, I’ve been listening to it for a few days, and I find myself getting out of the victim mentality.

Now that you mention it, I read the objectives of limitless, and it does sound the perfect sub to purchase after Emperor. I’ll look into it.

Thanks man, i look forward to the changes myself. I can’t wait to see how my life will be one year from now. I have decided that 2023 will be my year I will turn it all around. I also look forward to interacting more to this community and learning from all of you. Cheers everyone.)