Hello and question about ultrasonic audios


Hi Subliminal Club!

Nice to be here with you.

I am a late twenties guy who has been using subliminal audios on and off for about 2 years now (mostly free online ones, but a few paid ones).

I learned about SubClub from another forum and purchased S&S as my first sub in mid January based on a recommendation. I ran it for a month for about 8 hrs a day.

Some events of note that I remember include getting laid for the first time after a 4 month dry spell (within a few days of listening to S&S) and randomly running into a woman who I used to be attracted to, who had just moved back to town and was newly single. Tinder matches in general also seemed to go up, though I haven’t touched my profile (it’s not the greatest but it’s decent).

After spending time looking through the forum entries and journals though, I decided to switch to Primal full-time as it matches my current goals more closely. I have also upped the hours of listening time by incorporating the ultrasonic when I sleep, either on my phone if I’m away from home or otherwise through my TV speakers.

I am loving Primal by the way, and am undoubtedly noticing the effects: being more present in general, lack of social shaking in a high-stress bar/club environment (was a former alcoholic years ago and am now completely sober), being more clever/quippy in my interactions, and just this undercurrent of sexual energy. This may be honeymoon phase or confirmation bias, but I’ll see how this pans out in the upcoming weeks.

I’m not sure if I will start a journal on the forum just yet, but I have bought a notebook and will journal daily to note down changes that occur or things that I notice that I would otherwise forget. My current plan is to run Primal for 3 months, and then re-evaluate at that point. I’m thinking either Ascended Mogul or Emperor.

Question: Is it possible to use ultrasonic exclusively? Currently I’m just using it during sleep and listen to the masked audio the majority of the day. I’ve seen accounts from the journals here of people running only ultrasonic, but I’ve heard from another sub-maker that at least a few hours of masked audio should be incorporated.


Welcome to Subliminal Club, thanks for giving us a shot! Yes, you can use ultrasonic exclusively. In fact, that’s how I run my subliminal stack. All ultrasonic. I know which producer you’re referring to that recommends masked audio for a few hours. That particular producer doesn’t put the entire program script into their ultrasonics (not sure why they made that decision). That’s why you have to use masked – otherwise, you’re not getting the whole script.

We don’t do that. Our entire scripts are in our ultrasonics.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

I am somewhat concerned about the ultrasonics. The volume that I find comfortable for Masked stays at about -75db for Ultrasonics. If I try to bring the decibel level to -65 to -60, the corresponding Masked volume is quite high.

Is -75 db good enough ?

Should the volume levels for Masked and Ultrasonics ideally be the same ?

Please advise.