Hello All! New Here!


Hi guys! This is my first post, and I am very glad to be able to be part of this fantastic and impacting life community. I have just bought a couple of titles, and it’s exciting to see how they unfold.

Anyway, as I scanned through the forum, I realized that there are actually multiple variants of Primal (Primal, Primal X and Primal XXX) as regular, experimental, and more experimental. Are they considered as “bonuses” came along when purchased before the release date?


Welcome @MelvinKJ!

There are only 2 variants of Primal: Primal and Primal XXX. There is no Primal X. I think you mean Limitless X :smiley:

Primal XXX was a bonus for those who purchased before the release date, so it is not available anymore.

Enjoy Primal. It is a truly exceptional sub.


Thank you. I guess that I mixed them up.

Are there any particular orders I should play them? Major Program > Stack > Charger? Limitless is considered as a major right?


Yes, Limitless is a major program.

SC is founded to encourage experimentation. So depending on your needs, choose the major program you want, and the stacks will enhance parts of that major program in case you want more of them in your results.

The charger is to be used daily, and what it does is it trains your conscious mind as well so that you’re targeting both your subconscious and conscious minds. Then, you have both part of you working together to get you the result you want.

The foundation is always at least 1 major program, best to listen to it a minimum of 7 hours a day. Then, from that foundation, you can add the stacking modules that you feel are missing for you to enhance your results. And you can use the charger(s) daily to include your conscious mind in the change process.