Hello all, great to be here!

Hello everyone- just wanted to give a quick introduction as I’m new to Subclub!

I’ve had a pretty tumultuous year so far- was blindsided by a breakup in January and felt down on myself for a while (much better now). I’ve realized I’m in a very exciting place in my life and want to use my time and energy to focus on and improve myself!

I’m starting with Seductress and Emperor Fitness ST2.

I also picked up Heartsong, but I’m thinking I might add that in after a cycle or two, after seeing how I get on with the others, but would be grateful to hear all your thoughts.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all!


Hey :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club. I’m newish myself (February).

Great place to be, very friendly and supportive. Sounds like you’re off to a great start, I wish you the best success.


Welcome and do check out the journals especially the section “Journals - Women’s Products” for more Seductresses strutting around :grin:

May you get excellent results.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome…sounds like you’re ahead of the curve.

This is a wise move. Not feeling the need to fix everything all at once is strong starting point to begin your journey.

Don’t hesitate to share and ask questions, this is a very positive community.

Here’s to your future successes :beers:


Welcome to the group.Enjoy.

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Good pro tip I’d use myself if I rewind time is to use the rebirth program. Healing for a cycle or two is always a good idea to make the programs you use after it lightning quick and effortless

So I’d do something like rebirth and emperor fitness stage 1 for the physical healing first cycle. Followed by seductress emperor fitness stage 2 rebirth. Before finally substituting rebirth for heartsong when ready

Thanks so much for the lovely welcome everyone! :blush:


@beaulieu44 Welcome to the forum. I am one of the veteran members. In fact i was one of the first members to join. Along with @Lion @GoldenTiger.

The founders know me well i was one of the testers for the emperor product which revolutionized man kind.

Lion is a good guy alongside @RVconsultant he is one of the moderators. I know him well he is a kind man.