Healing the Dragon


That’s my 3rd custom sub

Regeneration Q Core
Ecstasy of Gold ST1 Q Core
Survival Instinct Q Core

Energetic Development XI
Growth Through Pain
Information Releaser
Limit Destroyer
Negativity Shifter
New Beginnings
Spiritual Abundance
Spiritual Freedom
The Flow
Intuition Enhancer
Blue Skies
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Inner Voice

Let’s go and may this sub work everyday better and better

Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima

1 loop
This is dense really dense. My brain is constantly changing I can feel it.
I have warm energy in my root. Strong alive energy. It knocked me out for 40 min, I couldn’t move just laying in the hamoc.
Then the information came in for me: don’t be sad anymore about what happened and don’t follow this path any longer. Then I felt my chest is rippt open and pain was there.

Then this feeling of poverty is the wrong place for me and I go now into abundance.

Then I feelt immense pressure in my brain realeseing and the strong energy that I am safe and nothing hurtful will happen. I can let go of fear. I felt the fear in my butt dissolving (that was strange but plausible, because the unconscious energy comes from the back side and the conscious energy is on the front)
then I felt pain in my heart like a dagger is there and I cry deeply and release some of it with the the motivation to make my life better.
My head is still pumping information and working like a machine. I feel frustration and some limited views about life.
Some very warm energy in my heart, loving energy towards myself.

Phhhuuuuu what a blast
Highly recommended
But 1 loop is enough for today


20 min after the first loop
So much good energy is pumping through my body it’s unbelievable

Yihhhhhaaaaa Rock n Roll I feel alive


Rebirth and regeneration is the best!
Regeneration give me lots of energy and deep sleep …ooohh and some dreams…felt little scared in my dreams…


Phhhuuu what at night. I had the whole night wood. I had sex in my dream the whole time. I slept fantastic and I am so fresh and ready for the day. I have nothing to fear was my 3 thought.
Now I realize I have to change my whole approach to life. Normally I initiate and this gives me frustration, from now on I respond.
I have a cool head
Regeneration energy is working and flowing through me strongly, when I close my eyes and look inwards I see lots of turquoise energy that’s actual healing energy.
I had a little fear that this sub is too much but it turns out it’s manageable and I am ready for round 2


You are right Pacman
Rebirth is a powerhouse
And Regeneration is filling me up with lots of energy


Ah I forgot. I have or I had since 17 years tinnitus on both sides and 1+ in my right ear. The pressure is gone in my ears and even the tinnitus pitch is dropping. My jaw is relaxt and the pain in my eardrum is gone.
Saint Sovereign and Fire you guys are AWSOME


The Flow is such a strong module I feel so deeply peaceful since I wake up

GREAT WORK @SaintSovereign and @Fire


This sounds amazing, and is inspiring/swaying me to create a custom healing sub

Tinnitus can be a TMJ or jaw related issue-tension based in emotions but whatever the case that’s fucking awesome that that is healing.

Are you doing Q strength or Terminus?


Hy Azriel
I am doing Q
Thanks for the information

I gona test this sub the hard way. In 5 weeks I am going for 6 weeks into the Jungel in peru in my camp. I know more or less how much unresolved topics I have in myself(or I believe I know :joy:).
I use this sub until then and then when I drink the Ayahuasca I will know how much work the subliminal did.
But what it did with just one loop is amazing.
I can only recommend it highly
I lisen to my first custom now(Ascension Daredevil Inner circle good feel modules) and I have way less resistance.
Now Ascension is kicking in strong and powerfull


Beautiful, how do you think EOG stage 1 plays in to the total healin?

I was thinking of doing a similar custom as yours with PCC instead of EOG, as I will likely be running the EOG stages alongside my custom in the next few months

It does seem the clearer and more healed one is the faster and more deeply the other subs take effect.

New Beginings/Limit Destroyer/ I AM/ and Rebirth are especially good fr cultivating fertile ground and great enviroment for subs to take effect


I use a pendulum and EoG st1 was choosen
I have ascension in my first custom
HOM and Khan st 4 in my second
They are all somhow money related
It makes sense to have absolute nothing that stands in my way with money/relationships
Otherwise there Wil be selfsabotage.

And from experience I know if you clean out the shit in yourself you gain room to fill your room with good stuff😉


OK now I am very tired
New Plan 1 loop healing sub every 2-4days
I am full of energy and on the same time completely tired
Need to balance this out and no other subs in the meantime


Will the healing sub once every 2-4days work?
Will there be enough exposure?
Just curious


Yes I think so it’s dense realy dense it knocked me out for40 min in the hamoc
I couldn’t move. :joy::joy::joy:

I tried it 16 hr ago and my head is full like I lisen to 12 days to my first custom sub
So I will wait until tomorrow because this pure healing sub is realy dense
Funny that I say this but: less is more here
After 2 weeks it should be OK to use it every day


Holy shit
What ah POWERFULL realese I had
My heart just opened up and rivers of sadness and pain was flowing out and out and out.
It was so strong that I needed to run away from other people I was with. I thought the big scream will burst out of me but is was very gentle but powerful.
Then I heard the unhealthy state in me saying : I had I’d sooooo difficult. Then I get realy angry with this shitty state so I cast it out right into exile.
Now I don’t feel anymore burdened
The pressure in my head is gone and I feel ready for another loop when I am at home.
That’s exactly how I imagined this sub should work.


Day 2
I ran 1 loop during sleep.
I stood up fresh but full of anger.
While I roll a cigarette I start lisen to the Anger and it sounds like a little child that’s unhappy, I startet laughing because it’s absurd.
Instand vomiting into the toilet
Now 5 min later I lisen to another loop in the hamoc and some real anger about everything arises.
This Wil be an interesting day


You really going through intense healing i must say…


Rock n Roll Brother
I have no time to waste
If you want it 100 times stronger than that come to our Center in Peru there you walk in as a cripple and walk out as a Motherfucker
If it’s done right one Ayahuasca ceremony has the effect of 10 years successfull psychotherapy.
Imagine that Brothers


OK that is cool
I lay in the hamoc and lisen to the sub.
Childhood fear arises that something bad Wil happen and I don’t want that, energetically I draw myself back into my safe room in myself but befor I made the drawback I said: stop, where is the danger? There is none. I understand that I don’t want bad things to happen but even if, I Handel them very well. Then the Fears dissolved
1loop is finish.
Ready for the second