Headphones and speakers for ultima?


Hi, from what i read, Ultima subs require good quality headphones or speakers. Do you know any headphones, earphones or speakers that don’t cost too much?


Sennheiser HD280 Pro only around 80$


Good quality headphones aren’t a requirement for Ultima, nonetheless if you’re willing to, I would get the ones @friday stated. Those are the ones I ordered as well.


Yes the only requirement is really that you don’t use 5$ headphones from Walmart. If you already have ones that sound good to you, perfect, use them. If not, just buy more quality ones.

If you really want to have the best headphones for Ultima that still are relatively cheap, use the ones I recommended. They have a flat output meaning the subliminal messages will not be distorted much. However, this really is not an requirement and also doesn’t guarantee better results (for now).


So any earphones will do the job?


I’m using the skull candy inked earphones now on the masked track and I feel a huge difference…I can like feel the messages going in…


@clancygilroy You can check these oneodio headphones they are very affordable and have some great products. I have recently ordered a oneodio pro 50 and It sounds really great.



Thanks for all these replies :pray:


My Sennheisers 280-HD Pro’s came in today and I must admit; the sound is beyond what I’ve heard before, and it did actually have an effect on my subliminal in-take and listening.


Have you also used the Reference 4 Software yet?


I haven’t yet, will do that tomorrow in order to compare results.


Does anyone else hear like a strange background noise a kind of windy sound hollowed out, like it’s coming from Mars or something? Very similar to putting your ear in a sea shell with the volume and nuances turned up.


hmm…well, on Monday, I used one pair of headphones


and did not feel much reaction. To be precise, I also had an extra extension cable between my headphones and the headphone port on the PC.

Then on Thursday (today), I used these (plugged directly into the PC)
and had a pretty amazing experience.

Maybe I’ll try again with the original pair and see how it goes. So hard to tie things down when it comes to subliminals.

nevertheless, that was my experience.

EDIT: Oh, those second headphones cost me $52USD in 2019, and now they’re $49USD.


From my observation the quality of sound doesn’t change the amount of input but rather makes it easier to process and absorb input.


Yeah, for this one, I pretty much have no idea.

Another consideration is that there could possibly be a learning or adaptation process and once the brain/ears kind of ‘lock in’, the audio quality may be less important.

I don’t know. But I loved what happened.


With Sonarworks Reference 4 everything sounds very strange though, I’m not sure if it is even helpful. Is this really the original sound of the track that I’m listening to? Without the Sonarworks everything sounds much better for me.


May I know the brand of the 2nd pair?


Ok I found them in another thread. Thanks.


Interesting I find it sounds much better with Sonarworks enabled. Have you checked if everything is correctly set up?

Really? I don’t think they sound so good to be honest, pretty flat haha


Just ordered a pair of Oneodio headphones.

Hope they work well.