Has anyone taken a hypnosis certification course?

Where did you do it and what did you like or dislike?



Self-taught here. No real certs I did.
I was looking at one in Santa Fe NM before called the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, but my funding for it fell through at the last minute.

My only issue I’ve seen with most places offering certifications is they get into some really wonky shit like Past Life Regression therapy. Not to say PLR doesn’t work, just as a hypnotist I avoid regression as I find it unnecessary.

With my hypnosis clients, I tend to go very direct (learned from Jeffrey Stephens) because it makes for shorter sessions where you get paid the same :slight_smile:
Anyway, the Santa Fe one seemed like a good one (even with offering PLR training) and another is HMI in Tarzana California. I did the very basic/introductory thing they have…My real issue with that one is their definition of hypnosis is wonky.

Overall, though…Either one will at least give you a foundation to be able to do client work, if that’s your bag. If you’re looking more into hypnosis for yourself, I recommend reading the original book TRANCE-Formations by Steve and Connirae Andreas. That’s the first book I learned from where I got it to work in any form.


Sounds great Bill. So you have a hypnosis practice?

I have been thinking about doing a certification in my state that is relatively inexpensive.

I have done workshops with Mark Cunningham and Cal Banyan who are both very good. I have also watched and listened to quite a few recorded seminars from various teachers.

Not full time. This is one of the reasons I got into SC subs. I find it far easier, relatively speaking, to commit to and finish projects for other people or my job. But when it comes to my own projects, or starting and running my own business, I seem to settle for less and procrastinate.

Definitely made strides by stacking Ascended Mogul Q with Limitless Q on set/forget. I just need to save up enough $$$ to build a custom to dig deep and fix my shit once and for all.


Not yet, but it’s been a long-time plan.

Great question/topic.


@dorfmeister This isn’t a certification or anything, but if you want to learn a kick-ass “Model” of hypnosis that you could start using even today, check out both ebooks “The Nature of Trance” and “Hypnosis Mechanica” at www.WizardOfTrance.com

I’ve spoken with John Cleesattel quite a few times about his approach and I even incorporated a good part of into my process.

The most recent session I did was with a business partner and friend of mine who wanted to tweak the learning process a bit when taking on new information, and the WizardOfTrance approach comes in quite handy for that.


Thank you, Bill. That looks very interesting.

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