Has Anyone Done #75Hard?


Am looking into this now; some former gym mates are doing it. It’s a mental toughness builder I guess. If you look up the tag in the title, as well as Andy Frisella, the rules are as follows, for 75 consecutive days:

  1. 2 non-consecutive workouts a day, 45 minutes each; one of which must be outside. Non-consecutive means you can’t just work out for an hour and a half straight and call it accomplished. One working at one time of the day, the other later in the day.
  2. Drink one gallon of water per day
  3. No drinking alcohol of any sort
  4. Follow a healthy diet of your choosing, whether it be counting macros, or calories or whatever, but in essence, no cheating on the diet, no cheat meals.
  5. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book every day.

If you screw up any of these on a given day, then you must start over at Day 1.

I’m presently on vacation, but am hoping to pick this challenge up on Thursday when I get back.


This is actually key to growing your hippocampus, if atrophied for some reason (It is common).

heavy on aerobics or weightloss, if you weightlift this may be too much water, too much strain on adrenals/kidney. I would say if weightlifting, try to find some high water content food instead. 1 gallon of water is 10 pounds.

I look forward to how it goes.


Very interesting. Am alreading doing points 2,3 and 4. Will have to do 1 & 5 to up my game


Be interesting to see if any ladies take this up :thinking:

I have been thinking about doing Point 1, trying to do point 2, failed this weekend at point 3 and 4, did point 5 lol


I’d been doing 3-5 (with cheats though) but my “healthy” is omad. Drank 3x in the past 3 months or so. Outdoors for me is a baking city sidewalk unless I walk to Central Park. Meh


Regarding the workouts my intent would be for one to be cardio and the second to be strength or
Otherwise related. Yes a gallon of water is a little over 8 pounds but you’ll end up peeing that out. The entirety of #75Hard is to build mental toughness. It does not profess to be the ultimate method for either mental or physical conditioning not more so, can we all show up every single day to do these potentially demanding tasks, whether you want to or not, whether life cooperates or not. I think the draw for me is that aspect or challenging myself to do difficult tasks. I find myself constantly making plans and lists and almost never following through on doing the tasks. This is the primary reason why I don’t achieve the goals I set out for myself.


What are the macros for your OMAD, (carb fat protein). Is your food intake just your normal diet just in one meal, but if not I would guess KETO?


Heavy on protein, not keto. Chicken, shrimp, fish mostly but I have ground beef and pork in the freezer to make various things (dumplings, patties, sauces). Some weeks low carb other weeks I like rice. Plus fruit and veggies.

I know I should be tracking macros but I’m lazy about things I don’t want to do and that’s one of them.


Would 45 mins of walking (walk for 22.5 mins and then turn around and walk back to the house) count for the outside workout?


Yes, that very much counts. if you can make the walk challenging over time by adding a weighted back pack or ankle weights, great. All depends on what you are able to handle but it should be something that pushes you a bit.