Happy to be here , I'm shreem with some questions

Hello Everyone,

I wanted some clarifications on the subs i have. I started listening this week to executive and limit destroyer. Can i run them back to back ?

Also, I see 2 files zp v1 -zp v2 for limit destroyer. what’s the difference between the two?

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Yes with two subs you can listen to them back to back (1 loop each) three days a week. I wouldn’t recommend experimenting until you become more accustomed to these subs. However the following can be used for newer people.

2 or 1 listening days a week, as well as only listening to only 3-7 mins of a sub. Other users including myself have gotten great results doing much less exposure time, even more experienced members of the forum. This is something I would recommend for newer users of it becomes too much to handle. Less is more is a genuine motto here.

As for the difference between ZPv1 and v2. I know it has something to do with what’s called the “Primer” which is in every ZP product. ZPv2 having less of it, which has led to better results. Someone more experienced can elaborate much more than I can but that is all the deets I know about it.

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Thank you

Zp v 2 is the newest tech. I’d recommend 3-9 minutes (always keeping it at an odd number except for 1) meaning 3,5,7,9,11,13,15

After multiple listens a micro loop is also viable which is 30 seconds. But should happen after your mind knows the script (after a couple of listens)

Experiment as you wish understanding that less is more with these subs.

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In short, run ZP v2 and not ZP v1. ZP v2 has been shown to better than ZP v1 through testing.

Follow the instructions listed on the support page. If you experience recon, send a support ticket and they will help you.

What do you mean by 3-9 mns? Do you mean don’t listen for the full 15 mns?

Precisely. Many users found it beneficial to start slowly and gradually increase the exposure time. The full loop may be too much for some of us and, especially, for newbies.

Personally, I would start with the full loop and then decided if I want to go this way or decrease the exposure if it was too overwhelming. Mental Alchemy is an art one needs to learn to benefit form it the most. You need to learn how Mental Alchemy affects you and what formula works for you best. The recommended pattern was designed for the average user. I’m a seasoned user yet sticking to the recommended pattern serves me best.

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What do you use to make the shorter version ? Or do I just use a timer ?

I’ve never listened to subs this way.

I am trying to understand what you mean.If I do like 5 mns of Executive & 5 mns of limit destroyer.I just stop the subs after the 5 mns mark?


Thank you so much.

If you feel you can handle it extend the exposure time gradually (->7min->10->the full loop). Any sign of mental exhaustion (brain fog etc.) or unusual discomfort (in the form of irascibility or anxiety) indicates that you need to decrease the exposure time either by listening to “shorter loops” or listening to your subs less frequently (for example every 4-5 days). You need to gauge it yourself by introspection and self-observation. Welcome to the Dark Art of Mental Alchemy, mate.

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Thank you guys for all the suggestions, they are really helpful to me.

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