Guess Who's Back?


I know you’ve all missed me…

Over 750 mentions since I last posted here.

That’s LOVE right there <3


Welcome Back :+1:


Thank you @NewLease. I hope you’ll squeeze the juice out of every drop of the new lease you’re getting on life.

It reminds me of the book Hagakure, where the way of the Samurai is to live every day as if you’re already dead. And any extra day is a bonus.


Grabs list of people he managed to chase off the forum and removes AMASH.
“Sigh, back to one page…”

He’s back! The time of checking out his profile and noticing last activity was only a few hours ago is over! The time of wondering if your post has enough substance to be liked by him has returned!


I love you, man. In the most no homo way possible :wink:


Aaaaahhhhhhhh! I don’t believe this!!!


I have read some of your posts man. You are a cool dude.

Although your ARC name reminds me too much of Alan Roger Currie :smile:


Welcome back man!


Hahah, I remember you welcoming into subclub by that name.
After my first week here, I kept on wondering where you were dominating.

You’re finally back!

now, I can’t wait to read your journal again!
I’ve studied it in the past, and I can’t wait to do it again! Now with QL, learning from you will be next level. :100:

Welcome Back!


I knew it just by seeing the front page.
Welcome back man, we missed you


Thank you @d1gz, and especially @mecharc. When you said you’ll study my journal more than your exam, that truly put a warm glow in my heart.

You are a very kind individual :slight_smile:


I can’t believe you are back. :heart_eyes:

How is it going for you?


Thats the plan. Just finished ready your thoughts on EV4. Its a trip ain’t it? lol


I literally just missed you… you left almost exactly the same the time I joined the forum and bought my first sub! Welcome back, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the latest subs (QL, which I’m running at the moment, and EF which I’ve now got my eye on for later this year)


Emperor V4 is a very unusual sub. It seems a hybrid between the inner game work of Primal, yet does not push a person into action in the same ways that Khan ST3 does.


I like your new avatar, and look forward to your posts @ExploringAstronaut!


I play around with the idea of try EV3 again. Don’t feel like I gave it a proper go, more disciplined now though.


@NewLease Where did you post your current goals for 2020?

Then, based on that, Emperor v3 might be a better fit.


Not really goals. I know I just wanted to more confident, less scared and insecure and yeah dating and social life needs work. I know what I said but that was just me venting.


Great seeing the legend back. Best wishes man!