Guess what I asked my girlfriend for my birthday?


My Birthday is coming up. So, my gf asked me what I want.
Guess what I asked her to buy me?


Let me guess… a SubClub gift card for 5,000,000 post counts?


Haha you’re so funny. But haven’t quite transferred the skills to guessing.


You should remove Emperor from your stack.
It’s turning you into a spammer. :unamused:


is there actually any programming in emperor relevant to this?


Nope. I highly doubt it. It’s all on you. Though how you’ve been acting indecisive, always asking for advice but never sticking to it, it’s really surprising you have a girlfriend. Is khan and/or emperor and/or pcc and/or limitless and/or glm really working or not? You give off a lot of mixed signals.
What’s your real goal anyway? Is it taking over your family business? Going through with your start up? Getting all the pussy you want? Or simply just annoy good people?
Actually when you posted this topic, it really hit me. Because, I used to have an ex who always asked for advice and opinions, but does the exact opposite, or follows the advice given for only a few days then starts complaining again. And you know where she is right now? Me neither.


I am sorry if I have annoyed you too with my unnecessary curiosity. I will tone down my posting. I don’t want to get into anyones bad side.


Let’s not get too nasty.

@mecharc we understand you want to run your family business eventually. What qualities would you want to have? Is there someone already there that you admire? What skills do you need to acquire before you take the hot seat?

I think Khan/QL is fine as a stack, but you need to stick with it and trust yourself. Put them in the background and carry on with your life. Don’t expect magic, keep journaling and stay on the road.


Almost impossible, because it’s really annoying.


Everyone – let’s not be snarky.

That’s not the vision @Fire and I had for this community. We’re supposed to be helpful and thoughtful, even when someone is doing something annoying – and make no mistake, @mecharc, I too have found the constant questions a distraction and asked you to compile them into one thread, or post it in your journal. That being said, instead of people using this situation to throw off a potshot (which helps no one and changes the vibe of the community), ask mecharc why he’s being so indecisive and flakey and provide advice (some of you did that, appreciate that @Michel). Then, flag the posts or message one of us and we can handle the situation.

Some random hater (or someone we banned / blacklisted for trying to scam us) posted on another forum that our community is “toxic” and “cult like.” I didn’t bother to respond because this community, compared to others has been very helpful and understanding. Let us continue with that path and not prove the naysayers right.


I’m sorry all.

I had no intention to annoy anyone.
I realize that my nature to ask questions in a haphazard manner was rather wrong and annoying.
I will restrict my posting into my journal.



@mecharc, let it be know that you’re not the only person who does that. I love my Curious side, but I too have been annoying to people around me. Having been on Subs these last 3 years, I’ve gained some perspective on what I was doing. I’ll post them here.

I grew up in an extremely fearful and undecisive family. However, my smarts thought that my curiosity was good, and I used it effectively a lot. But did I take action? Rarely. I never asked for that reason in the first place. I was seeking to be even somewhat like stable people who knew what they wanted and why they wanted it. I loved asking questions since, for me, it left the responsibility on everybody else’s shoulders. I just liked to spark curiosity in other people too. what I was really afraid of was being responsible for the outcome in situations. I felt like a failure in that aspect of life, but curiosity kept my head above water. Just knowing some of those facts did little to affect my decisions in the future.

What stood out very very clearly to me was a conversation I had with my mom this last year. I was trying to set her phone up to play subliminals, and it was a very simple explanation. Her repeated questions were what hit me.

I would explain it , pause, and then try to see if she understood by vocalizing it back to me. What I got back repeatedly were variations of the very same question. Again and again. It hit me simply because I had done this when I was in my twenties trying to move forward in my personal recovery. I was telling everybody else that I wanted recovery, but this habit, Looking Back Now, was me seeing that I was very very afraid. I saw myself failing in almost any endeavor, and my repeated questions AKA curiosity, were my way of staying clear of actually achieving it.

in truth I didn’t believe in myself in any way at all. But I just could not admit that. I’m not sure I ever did to those people, but since doing subliminals, my BS has become very evident to me. I was trying to bulshit myself, hoping they would believe it too. that’s why nobody was really friends with me in those circles. I was terrified no one would talk to me if I was honest.

Those roots could tear me down now, but I’m tired of failing myself time and time again. If I fail with others, I’m depending on their niceness for me to maintain relationship. It makes me a taker , nothing else . When I fail myself though, by trying to hideout in my lies, then that is Unforgettable. I feel like I have no value, so tending to my own wounds seems contradictory, even pointless. Lies seemed easy for me. it is tempting because it was a lot of bulshit that’s colored my reality, but I’m losing when I do it now.

Without subliminals, I’d still be swimming in that s***.

I just wanted to throw that out. for myself, it’s not something that gives me happiness anymore. That’s why the simple fact of taking responsibility is scary for me. But Saint and fire provide a lot of the unknown or unmentioned factors in helping us do this. and I’ve had both victories and defeats on the subs. They’re helping me grow. That’s why I’m here. Out for now


This is 100% me!

Thank you for your post.

I actually am not feeling comfortable posting anymore (happy news for many. This whole community is a positive reprogramming community, anything that gives a negative feeling should not be welcome here. Everyone has been patient with my absurd queries and posts since day one, but everyone has a limit and I crossed it.
I will come back here again once I feel I can be more focused and I’m sure my actions won’t annoy. So I can positively contribute to the reprogramming.

I truly apologize to anyone I have annoyed. Good Bye



You don’t have to leave, I don’t think anyone was suggesting that – and if you are, cut it out. That’s not what this community is about. Just be cognizant of posting 20 different threads on minor chit chat topics. It’s not even a “negativity” thing, it just makes it difficult to browse the forum.

I believe you may be experiencing some reconciliation, as I’ve had similar responses when going through it. That being said, we really are here to help you get through this. So, take a breather, do something fun to take your mind off of things, and then push through it. But don’t run away. That goes against all the titles in your stack.


Yeah. You may feel bad, but that does not mean you are bad. I’ve over interpreted things numerous times, and have run fearing rejection and pain, but that’s not my desire for anyone now. You’re more of a man to acknowledge it like you did. That’s a very big step.


And I, too, punish myself severely for admitting my own failures. Originally I did that. And I’m still subject to do that now if I don’t catch it. I can be very hard on myself. You are not alone.


Maybe some understanding? We all have our demons to fight, or we wouldn’t be here. This is one of his. I agree that the unconstrained threads were annoying, but this is getting way too personal.

@mecharc nothing wrong with asking questions, just consolidate your questions in the appropriate threads and you’ll be fine.


I have understanding which Is why I’m giving straight tough love advice. Also did I say there was something wrong with him asking for advice ?You want me to be “ understanding and give motherly feminine advice “ that will make you feel good but cause 0 change because I can do that to.
This is the last thing I have to say on this topic


No, you’re using this as an excuse to be judgmental. Typically this is a reflection of your own inner state. Why does this whole thing bother you so much?

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