Grimm's journey into becoming a masculine confident man


So today i ordered ascension. Im not new to sublimals. Ive learned about them through a friend in 2010 or 2011 and here i am now.
A little description about myself. I have low self esteem and confidence issues. I feel inferior to women especially attractive women. I feel im not worthy of them. I have had lots of times where i self sabotaged myself in my life from alcohol issues, to porn, to fing up on purpose with women to money issues etc i can go on.
Im 28 and not where i want to be as a man.i also dont feel like a man. I have money issues, need a better job and have not had great success with women.
Now i know im decent looking. I get girls looking at me hear and there out and about. Its just my self esteem and confidence is not up to speed with my looks.
Now i ordered ascension and listend for 2 hours before my sister told me how her doctor was grilling her about why shes not married at her age. I told my sister as my temper rose a little if the doctor had done that to me i would have told him or her to mind there own business. Could ascension have been the reason for this response to my sister?
Now i plan on getting tomorrow either primal or ascended mogul. I will run only 2 for the next few months. Right now im leaning toward primal though.


Have you listened consistently since then? Have you listened to confidence building subs with success? Ascension sounds like a good choice to me. Might need to listen a lot longer than a few months for great results. These issues in my experience don’t clear up right away.

I used to be that people pleasing doormat and it wasn’t easy to breakaway from. I had the low self esteem, low confidence, passive, Mr Nice guy, please push me over type. The typical b.s. But not no more. I now can walk into a room and demand for what I want.


I guess it depends on your goals and how long you’ve been listening to Ascension. Do note that AM is a combination of both Ascension and Mogul. So you can probably stack both to get better with women while adding a little wealth mindset into the mix. However, if all you want is being good with women, you can add primal or even sex mastery.
Again, it all boils down to what you really want and how you feel towards each sub. Everyone of us is unique. Just don’t expect a magic pill that would change everything for you overnight and you’d be fine. :wink:


Yes ive always been that mr nice guy and speaking of mr nice guy the book no more mr nice guy was amazing. Ive read it and done the exercises a few times over the years. I have the awareness of my issues but still have the same problems.
Like i said above ive used sublimals since 2010 or so. Ive had some success depending on the topic but what i found was once i stopped using the sublimnal i eventually reverted back to my old self.
I plan to run ascension and primal or ascension and ascended mogul for at least the next 90 days but i may def use it for the rest of the year and then some more :slightly_smiling_face:


The reason i have primal ahead of ascended mogul is becasue for most of my life if not entire life ive lacked that masuline edge and have had issues with my masculinity. The description written for primal reallly intrigues me. It seems like it breaks off the shackles to a man and allows him to be that masculine person he always was deep down. I know its geared towards picking up women which is not a problem because i have issues in that area as well it just seems like that sublimnal will help me unlock my masculine edge. Lol so many good subs its hard to choose though


I read that book. It was awesome. There was A nother book called 'not nice by Dr Aziz Gazipura" which was also good.

I’ve experienced similar things, probably cause these problems are so intricate and are always strengthening off of a nother thing. So you treat some of it, the changes haven’t created strong enough neural pathways, you stop listening to the sub and then the problems that are intertwined cause the other issues comeback. It’s like you put a bandaid on the cut but took it off before it completely healed. I play the subs 24/7 and ultrasonic in the day time when I’m up. No more stopping for me. I don’t want that crap to ever come back.

Hang in there and keep up with the subs. They do all sound good and makes it hard to choose between cause you want them all :grinning:


Dr Aziz is so underrated. I listen to his podcast shrink for the shy guy and his work has helped me alot especially when it comes to not caring what others think and approach anxiety. What subs and stacks are you currently using ?


You can also try Godlike Masculinity. I guess it depends on your goals and expectations. Try reading the journals here to help you decide better.


Isn’t godlike masculinity in ascension??


Good point. Either way, I think you can stack them whichever way you want.


Now I’m just running emperor by itself. I was running rebirth with it. It has limitless in it which I really like. So I will just keep it like this till I possibly switch over to Khan.


You seem to be attracted to Ascension and Primal. So trust your intuition, my friend :slight_smile:

Run it for a number of months, and it will really help you fix a lot of the problems

I’d say, a fantastic playlist for you would be:
2x Primal
1x Ascension
1x Rebirth

And play The Legacy supercharger once or twice in the morning. It does wonders to your masculinity and determination and mental strength.

Let us know how it goes, please keep a journal here and welcome to our community!


Sounds like it. You sense your boundaries violated and your reaction is what it should be, even though it was your sister. Nice Guys have a high tolerance level for others pushing them around. So having personal power would be the antidote.

Whatever you decide to run, add Rebirth to flip the script on that “weak man” story.


So I decided to go with primal yesterday. So right now I’ll be running primal and Ascension for the rest of the year maybe I’ll add some supercharges in the future I’ll see.
As I slept last night with Ascension and primal running on my phone through headphones I woke up feeling a desire to volunteer. Earlier this summer I joined a volunteer organization but didn’t attend. So this morning I said after I come back from the gym I’ll set a date to volunteer and I did.
Oct 10th I’ll be volunteering for this organization.
I should also add this morning I felt as if I needed to get going and start building up my smv and focus on my purpose/ passion more. I’ll be turning 29 in December and I feel this sense of urgency that I need to get going and finish the year strong. If Ascension can make me feel like this I can’t imagine ascended mogul.
Also on December 7 my bday I’ll hit 90 days of nofap. This is a huge goal for me and would love to hit it on my birthday. I’ve had all sorts of streaks 7 months being the longest last year but since I lapsed in the end of December of 2018 or early January of 2019 it’s been a up and down year of nofap in 2019. I’ve had all sorts of streaks but never hit 90 days in 2019. I want to hit this goal in 2019 December 7.
Now I felt the urge to fap about 2 hours ago I considered doing it but didn’t. Thank god. Self sabatoge is a real thing for me.
Now as for legacy isn’t legacy just for working out ? How can it help masculinity and mental strenth ?


No difference. Just that Ascended Mogul will make you focus on money.

Ascension is a purely focused sub, which I think works better in your case because you are mixing it with Primal. So less distractions by adding yet another focus.

You are doing great now. NoFap your way into sticking into this playlist at least until the end of the year to finish it strong :smiley:

Spartan is for working out. Legacy is for mental toughness and the desire to be strong and powerful and determined to never give up. This can be used for working out or for life in general.

Many people use Legacy to become stronger men, you can ask around or read their reports. It’s just so wonderful and powerful, you shouldn’t miss out on using it every day!


I’ll take your word for it brother I will get legacy next week. I’m been reading this forum like a madman the pass few days and I’ve come across your comments and posts and it’s beyond valuable.


Thank you so much for the kind words @Grimm1390. You’ve started a good journey, one that will change you for the better.

I am happy for you, and I hope you’ll keep your journal updated often so we follow your growth :slight_smile:


Just wanted to know am i listening to the ultra sonic sublimals the right way ?
Im listening to ascension ultra sonic right now and this is what im getting on that freequency app. Its not hitting the 20 decibal but close i think


Which device do you use and on what level (of how many levels) is the sound?


are you measuring at your ear or directly at the source? the only measure that counts is directly at your ear.