Greetings from a new old member

Greetings All! I’m new to Subliminal Results but not new Subclub.

I’m gonna tie the knot soon so I wanna listen to some subs that would supplement my actions to:

  2. Heal the Porn induced ED and PE
  3. Better my income
  4. Keep myself in top health
  5. Increase my Alpha Confidence

I am running the following subs. and I want to plan like the following:

Quantum Limitless St1 (I have run it for a month during quantum tech, for 2 months during Qv1)- and now I want to run it for 6 more months in QV2 ( mainly to reset nervous system from porn effects )

Ascended Mogul ( I’ve run it a few days during primal tech, run it a few weeks during Qv1 ). I WANT TO run it in QV2 for 6 months

Emperor Fitness I have run EFQ stage 1, 2 and 3 in QV1. Now I want to use EF3 for the next 6 months.

Paragon Ultima - To heal the body effects of porn. I will switch to Diamond after 3 months. I don’t want to build up sexual energy now.

As I move closer to marriage ( exactly 6 months), I will also add Sex mastery or switch with titles from the above.

I would request you to give me your suggestions on how I should stack these for the next 6 months. Thank you


Rasha Masha welcome to the community. I am one of the old veterans who joined SC back in the day in fact I was one of the main guys who gave feedback on products like Emperor to the founders Fire and Saint. This feedback together with feedback from WhiteTiger, OldChap, AMASH, DarkPhilosopher , Malkuth, Azriel the product became more powerful overtime.

I want to also add we have two very good moderators who know the products inside out @RVconsultant and @DarkPhilosopher (the intelligent one when asked about a product he will write a thesis ahaha :slight_smile:. He is a good man though I like him.

Now I want you to start with Emperor and continue running this product for at least 2 months before using any other product.

You may hate me now but will thankme later for my recommendations. :slight_smile:


@blackadder! Thank you for your welcome mate!

And I wholeheartedly Thank you for your contributions and helping make what subclub products are today!

Please do note that I am not new to subclub product, I’ve run them for over a year as of today.

Thanks for your suggestion. Keeping only Emperor is an interesting suggestion. I can skip both Am and Ql.

However, with only E, I won’t have effects of Paragon or Emperor Fitness.

How may I deal with that?

What i would suggest is run emperor by itself fir one month then stack EF. You can still run paragon at 1 loop a day as its an ultima.


@blackadder thank you so much! Your suggestion has been appreciated and accepted.

I would like to understand between Paragon and Diamond.

I want to heal my body, specifically the sexual system ( penile, prostrate etc.)
I’m using Paragon now instead of Diamond, because I don’t want sexual energy to be built up now. I will switch to D in about 3 months.
Will paragon help in what I’m intending it for?

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To be honest i have never used Paragon however alot of members have raved on about it.

Paragon is a physicall healing sub so over time it will heal either directly or indirectly. When i mean indirectly it may push you to do certain things to help you heal.

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Will the QL Lite in Emperor, help with the hormone rebalance as per the description of QL St1?

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@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher can you please take the time to answer the above question ?

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My personal experience is that with prolonged listening of SubClub subs two things happened that affected my porn viewing.

First, I got more picky on what I spent my time on. Which means that my mind got “bored” of certain TV, movie, music and porn within a minute. An internal drive that told me there was something better I could be doing right now. Within 5 minutes I went “ugh” and stopped watching. Often even within one minute.

Second, I got more picky with my porn. No more 30 minutes of abusing the woman would do it for me, I needed something more sophisticated. Videos that feature something more like lovemaking than quickies.

Then I discovered VR porn in combination with funscripts, which make the experience as real as virtual porn can get right now. And now I almost never watch porn anymore because I’m spoiled and it’s too much of a hassle to set up the devices. But using them for stamina training… wow. I’m pretty sure those male porn actors are taking breaks often.

One day I shall beat you, 60 minute Cock Hero Academy!

I have been meaning to listen to Emperor Fitness but haven’t found a place for it yet. However, since I consider physical health and fitness to be one of the important alpha traits, almost every alpha sub I have run have had me exercise more.

I’ll run eFit eventually though. For now, I’ll focus on other subs.

Same thing goes for QL. I have to trust that all the subs work on my mind. This one, however, has been successfully stacked with other subs as a secondary. Multiple members have done so.

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you concerning the QL Lite.

Finally, Paragon does full spectrum physical healing. It might not focus on your sexual organs specifically although it could help with hormonal imbalances.

Have you considered creating a custom Ultima focused on your issues? I can think of a few modules that might help.


@DarkPhilosopher thank you for your response.

Yes I have fallen in love with the custom health modules. Unfortunately, At this moment, I can’t afford a custom. So, I would like to stick to only the main store programs.

@RVconsultant looking forward to your advice as well

Read this once, never touched porn again. Potent.


I don’t know. I would consider QL and/or Paragon.

@RVconsultant Will 4 titles be too heavy?

Option 1.
Emperor , QL1, Paragon, Emperor Fitness 3

Option 2.
Ascended Mogul, QL1, Paragon, EF 3

My goal.

  1. Stop Porn and Heal brain from porn damage
  2. Heal body from porn damage
  3. Solidify Income
  5. Build up the alpha

TARGET Date: Jan 4 2022

Please note that I have been using subclub for over a year now

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I second this recommendation for book and have mentioned it before, here. I highly recommend this book and it is free, @RakashaMashaPasha.


Possibly. Also in terms of Emperor versus AM, how is your self-esteem?

And do you want to be a business owner?


Diamond Ultima

Ascended Mogul


Ascended Mogul

So basically the stack is:
Ascended Mogul + Limitless + Diamond Ultima + WANTED

PS: Ascended Mogul does help in stopping porn and masturbation but I recommended Limitless because it helps in stopping porn and masturbation AND healing the brain from the consequences of PMO.


Thank you for the wonderful suggestion.

Do you have any experience with emperor?

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Yes. Here’s the link to my Emperor review:

@raphael that’s amazing bro! Didn’t you see any financial improvement while on Emperor?