Greetings and request for advice


I’ve been using subliminals since 2008 but I just found this company. I’m male, 42 married (but open). I have a number of goals that I’m planning on addressing in the foreseeable future.

In order of priority:

  1. We need to get out of financial trouble. My wife and I were in a significant amount of debt but were managing until a few years ago when in the course of a year we had our first kid, my wife was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune/neurological disorder, and the kid had a life threatening medical condition that became obvious two months after he was born. This lead to a huge amount of medical debt in a very short amount of time and put us in a position where our monthly payments came very close to being more than our income.
    I used a series of subs from another company which (I am convinced this was a result of the subs) helped produce a pretty miraculous string of strokes of good luck which allowed us to keep our heads above water for the last two years or so. There was an odd effect though. Every time I tried to do the one thing I can do to stabilize the situation, an equally off the wall and perfectly badly timed thing has happened to derail it. I think maybe it’s time I took a different tack.

  2. Get my career back on track. I had been trying to get into a certain field of work and finally had when all of the trouble happened. The distraction was not helpful and I lost that job. It’s a difficult field to get into, but I’d love to give it another shot. The main stumbling block here has been lack of confidence in interviews, and some self sabotage.

  3. Improve my sex life. Our relationship is open, but I’ve been too distracted lately to do anything about it. I’ve done fairly well with the ladies throughout my life, but that seems to have kind of happened by accident. I have some pretty strong inhibitions and mental blocks which have gotten in my way. Otherwise I could have done a LOT better.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?
Also, would you have any suggestions for a program to alleviate some of the symptoms of MS?

(boring legalese designed to not get us sued into a black hole in space)

Disclaimer - Subliminal Club products are not meant as a replacement for medical advice. Consult a qualified professional in the very first instance of any medical queries

Money improvements: do you want to get seen and promoted within an existing company? Want to start your own business? Or do you want to make it rain all day everyday?

Career: does the self sabotage come from a fear of getting the job? Might there be a wealth ceiling block? Fear of failure, or fear of success?

Sex life: do you just want better sex, or wanting to attract more women into your life?

Medical issue: have a look at Emperor Fitness and Regeneration, see if you resonate with those products.

Without knowing more about you (and you already have subliminal experience), I’m going to recommend Emperor, based on the alpha, wealth and career focus. Even though it was designed as a “solo-preneur” sub, great results are happening within the workplace.
Add in Sex Mastery X for the nookie.

Or - KHAN. Which contains Emperor + wealth manifestation + social confidence + attraction and lots of sex.

Have a look at both and see if they fit your personality:



Michel, Some scientists believe there’s entire other galaxies inside black holes. Maybe life is better there, provided you pick the right one. At least you’d get to go to space, AFTER the legal costs bankrupted you.

Yikes! For some reason bad things do tend to come in threes, no clue why.

I have to say that if somebody managed to write a subliminal that makes you successful with just enough self-sabotage to keep you dependent on them, it’s impressive. Definitely morally wrong, but impressive from a scientific standpoint.

I do hope your son is better now.

You just found a company and you’re trying to get into a certain line of work? Are those related?

An open relationship, wow. I’ve never seen one where the emotional attachments don’t eventually get in the way, but my belief is that men at least are not hardwired to share. Maybe I’m just not experienced enough.

I know I haven’t actually given any advice, I apologize. I’m letting me curiosity get in the way. Do ponder over Michel’s questions, it will help us make better suggestions.

As for your wife, have you looked at Terry Wahls? She went from having MS in a wheelchair to complete regression and running a marathon. She has a TED talk about it. I have taken some of her stuff and incorporated it into my own life to assist my neurological system. You never know.


I’d recommend Mogul and Sanguine. Mogul for the first two goals because they seem most important rn and Sanguine to keep a calm mind while you move through the storms of life.

Regarding MS, the only subliminal that come to mind for medical purposes is Regeneration. But for this, I’d also recommend you check out Sapien Medicine and Quadible Integrity on yt since they deal more with medical issues and subclub doesn’t have its focus on medicine (correct me if I’m wrong)

Edit: I also highly recommend not falling into the trap of utilizing your subconscious mind alone. The best you can do to assist your subconscious mind is using you conscious mind by actively seeking out change. I recommend you look into this side as well, especially Dr Dispenza and Lipton. Hope your family gets back to complete health with this, I am certain it will.


Unlike Sapien and Quadible, SubClub acknowledges its limitations. As far as I know neither Fire nor Saint are medical professionals with the extensive knowledge to make and back up claims to help with such things.

Although there is some controversy, some people experience successes with Sapien, and Dreamweaver (the guy behind Sapien) created videos for restoring the brain as well as a MS treatment.

As for Quadible, they use subliminals as well, so if you dip your toes in that, keep in mind the general recommendations about not mixing subliminal producers.

The above post is made as a user, not in my capacity as a representative of SubClub. SubClub (the company) has no opinion and gives no guarantee when it comes to products over which it has no insight or control. They may work, they may not. If anybody experiments with them, that is their own responsibility.

This thread is just filled with disclaimers today. :slight_smile:


Now I know why you’re ranked as ambassador.

My viewpoint is this:
Actually, no one gives medical guarantees as far as I’m concerned, neither Sapien nor Quad, and they are better off so. Imagine how fast they’d disappear if a few sued them. I think in the age of information the whole concept of guarantees starts to lose its credibility. I mean, in the end it is all your responsibility, whether someone else, a doctor for instance, is held accountable or not, it is your body, your health, your business.

You should always be the one who knows best about yourself, not someone else and in no case you should just hand over your responsibility to someone/something else, be it a subliminal, a book, a person or whatever. Your responsibility. Educate yourself and figure out a way.


Edit: There are also RIFE-frequencies btw. Amazing technology. Right now I am using this stuff and Sapien to prevent my dentist from exploiting my wallet.

Another Edit: Oh and I also highly recommend Wim Hof, especially for auto-immun diseases! I had one myself, Raynaud’s disease. Guess where it is now? I don’t know, but it is not with me.


I’ll take that as a compliment. Fact is, the closer I get to SubClub’s mysterious inner circle, the more I need to watch what I say lest it be considered SubClub’s official standpoint. In the same line of thought, when someone creates a product that was designed to help with a particular issue (with or without guarantees), there will always be people that believe it will to the exclusion of all other things. People like being led, it relieves them of responsibility.

Either way, this isn’t helping the original poster. So, @COWolfe in summary, do answer Michel’s questions if you can in order to get good subliminal recommendations, check out Terry Wahls if you want, as well as the YouTube channels of Sapien Medicine and Quadible Integrity. But make up your own mind.

And I agree on Wim Hof, there are definite general health benefits there.


It is :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fast replies.

To answer Michael’s questions.

  • Im trying to get us on solid ground financially by any means necessary. What I’ve been trying to do is pull enough equity out of the house to pay off the stuff causing the payments.

  • I think that the self sabotage comes from a lifetime of viewing myself as a failure or, as unable to achieve goals I set for myself. When I suddenly got there, my subconscious may have just kind of freaked and made sure I went back down to “my level”. This has had negative effects on many parts of my life for most of my life and I’m only now starting to get a handle on it.

  • As far as the sex life goes, I want both better sex and new women.


Ecstasy of Gold + Sex Mastery X


That meaning really resonates, and it’s a very interesting way to look at this.

And if there could be an even better way, an even more positive way to look at that same life experience @COWolfe, what could it be?


Yup, this is what he does. He makes you think, even if it’s uncomfortable to do so. Better answer the man. :wink:

In the following I’m assuming that your financial situation has priority over the sexual situation.

As far as the finances go, what is your time-frame? Ecstasy is a great sub, but it can take a little while to kick into full gear. For quick financial gain, Mogul or Ascended mogul usually helps, moving into Ecstasy later.

Sex Mastery X is definitely a great sub to run if you want to improve your sex life. It may not help you get more women. Unless your wife starts telling her equally hot friends about your sexual prowess (Advertising) leading to them looking you up wanting to experience it for themselves (Brand Recognition) or even calling you up for a booty call because their lover can’t satisfy them as well as you (Tech Support).

You don’t need to run SMX all the time, ask AMASH what the best time to do so is, he is wise in the ways of these things.

For getting more women, you could do Khan, but it’s a big one that may mentally distract you from your other goals (at least for a while). So in that case Primal Seduction may be a better bet.

Also consider Libertine before going on the prowl…

Now, to AMASH and the others, would you say Rebirth helps with reframing that subconscious belief? If so, I might recommend 2xAM,1xPS and 2-3xRebirth as a stack, with Libertine and SMX sprinkled in for added flavor.


Thanks, I know you can combine these things, but I think I’d prefer to focus on one issue at a time at least for now, so the sex focused ones can wait. I will take that advice later though.
Kahn looks really interesting, I may use it to reward myself when the more important things are taken care of.


Keep in mind there are different categories of Subs in SubClub’s arsenal.

You have major programs, like Ecstasy, Mogul, Ascended Mogul, Primal Seduction. These you run throughout your day and make up the bulk of your changework.

You have Weapon X programs, like Sex Mastery X, which you only run shortly before and during the activity it supports.

You have Stacking Modules, like Rebirth, which are designed to take an aspect of the major program and emphasize it, bring it to the foreground.

And you have Superchargers, which are designed to align your conscious mind with the major program, and are only run once or twice a day, for a total of less than 20 minutes.

I usually don’t recommend more than 2 major programs together exactly for the reason you state, it would give you less focus.

So my (tentative) suggestion of Ascended Mogul & Primal Seduction (2 major programs), Rebirth (a stacking module emphasizing the healing properties present in the 2 major programs), with Sex Mastery X before or during sex for the enjoyment of both(!) partners and Libertine before going out… is not as large as it seems. It is actually still relatively focused.

If you take out Primal Seduction you would only have 1 major program.

Still with me?


Thanks again guys. I’m thinking I may go with Emperor since it contains several of the other things you’ve mentioned here. I may add in rebirth and godlike masculinity.
For my wife, I was possibly thinking of Limitless for my wife since it does say that it optimizes brain function. What should I add to that?

Couple more questions.
With a multi stage program, how long should you run each stage?

With this company, is it OK to share programs between immediate family members, or does that run afoul of some kind of copyright protection? I know that’s the case with some companies.


There’s no copyright protection embedded in the major programs


Playing subs to family members without their permission is bad karma. You just don’t know how they will react to new challenging stimuli. D##n##, M####n####, A#### and A##### already have enough free rental space in their mind.

The best way to influence your family members is to show them. Then they’ll start asking questions. Plus @SaintSovereign would rather earn that lost money.


Not to sound like the very enthusiastic and youthful in his spirit @blackadder, but I really really hope for a Sex Master X3, especially now after Emperor Fitness, it must be just a perfect time to take that sub to the next level.

@DarkPhilosopher could you please @ me when you mention me? Because I get so many mentions, I may not notice what you direct to me if it’s not highlighted and in my notification area.

I guess I am too popular in this super awesome place :smile: I love you guys.

And yes, this stuack:

Ascended Mogul
Ascended Mogul
Primal Seduction

Would be a SOLID stack to run for 40-60 days for him. He won’t even need to mess with SMX until he begin to see real success in his dating life that exceeds his current results. That time is better spent on the stack above, with less dissipated efforts and time.


Obviously you’re choosing to go a completely different route compared to our recommendations, so that leaves me with wishing you good luck and warning you that Emperor may put a strain on your relationship for a while.

And, @AMASH, I only @-mention people when I believe it is essential that they are present. If someone’s presence is optional, I don’t. One way to convince Saint and Fire that if they ever see me mentioning them, I really believe they should be there. Likewise, it won’t be often that you see me mentioning you, which should pique your interest. :slight_smile:

Besides, it’ll keep you sharp and prevent that popularity from getting to your head. You’ll still have to roll up your sleeves and check out the other threads, just like the rest of us grunts.

Since you had already answered in this thread, it likely popped up as being tracked anyway.

PS Thank for agreeing with my stack. Good to know my recommendation power is improving.


It’s your job, my friend :wink:

You’re the army protecting these lands from intruders and invaders.

I’m the Shaman, the Wizard, keeping our armies healthy :blush:


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