Greerings from a New User


I recently learned about subliminals a month ago or so, and have been looking to experiment with them as a way to improve my life. I haven’t had great results with normal youtube suliminals, except for one or two in particular. I’m a man in his 30s, currently trying to switch careers and deal with a couple health issues that have unfortunately had a very negative effect on my life the last couple of years.

I’m currently doing a stack listening to Paragon Complete and Paragon Sleep. I’m thinking of also adding one other title, such as Regeneration (to help deal with mental trauma I’m dealing with) as well, for a three subliminal stack. Maybe I’ll add it after a week.

I’ll plan to see if I get any results after a month long cycle.

I certainly hope to learn as much as I can, and any suggestions or advice will be more than welcome!


P.S. I started by listening to one minute each of each track, this seems to be the instructions in the online subliminal course for starting out. But it seems the PDF instructions don’t mention anything about this, should I just listen to a full loop next time, or should I build up by a minute each? Thanks


Do what you are currently doing:

Welcome to SubliminalClub!


the free masterclass covers a lot of valuable info to learn from

wat are your goals with using these subs?

one thing with subliminals is listening to the same subs long term without switching is much more powerful than just changing ur stack every few cycles. so pick wisely. if u do find something u can stick through you’ll really see the results.


So, I’m just checking back here, after a few months. I’m still in the process, I’ve been listening to a couple months of mainly Paragon Complete (stacked with Paragon Sleep at first) alternated with Regeneration.

I’ve been making noticeable progress in a number of areas, and am definitely trying to stick with this for a good length of time. People have noticed I’ve looked healthier and more grounded than I did a few months before this. I have a number of issues to work on, but I thought I should focus on physical and mental healing as my two priorities first, then move on to other issues later.

I’m definitely still getting the hang of these subliminals, and learning how to best stack/cycle them based on how my body and mind seem to react to them. I definitely have an issue with overthinking this at times.

Right now I’m on Paragon and Regeneration, I was doing the full fifteen minute loops, but am going to try cutting back because I sort of feel like that was probably more than my mind wanted to handle. I’m also thinking of adding another program, possibly ALBFH, during this cycle.


Do you feel a tight heaviness in your forehead?

If so rly try cutting back the minutes the processing will go smoother and the recon is not that heavy, if you have any

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Yeah, I think so, although it might not have been from the subliminals. I’ll admit I’m still trying to understand reconciliation better and differentiate it from overexposure.

And, I’ll admit this is probably covered in the instructions but, let’s say you’re listening to two titles and want to add a third, so you listen to that instead of the two titles on the next listening day (switching to the three title schedule), then the next listening day listen to the original two titles. If you change your mind about which third title you want to stack, can you just change it out during the next listening day, or do you need to take extra rest days or wait the next cycle?

Im doing this sometimes but it depends if i feel an overload and have run this sub for a longer period i give it more time to breathe before i rotate it out

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Take at least 12 days without a third sub before adding another sub into the stack. That’s the official instruction from the support page. Search “stack rotation” there.


Personally, i’d say fuck it and run the other title in the next listening day or after a week. it was only 1 time, rofl. Just don’t do it constantly.