Golden Man // Wanted StarkQ Emperor ZP

Friend gave me daredevil and regeneration and sex mastery Q strength I believe? But I never really tried it but tried it last few days. I felt slightly more social in certain situations.

Anyways I was curious about ZP title and thought I’d get ZP emperor coz it has ascended mogul in it and a bit of rebirth.

Areas I’m interested in: being a dj,
Producing music beats and electronic and techno, rapping, acting, getting better at piano/ drums and music in general, singing?! , starting hustles reselling cool stuff. Starting a twitch channel with massive growth gaming and irl. Get a divine feminine partner.

Weird insecurities I have: scared to ride my bike in my city coz of traffic etc last time I rode my bike there was a crash in front of me.

Scared to drive when I was a lot younger I convinced my dad to pay for a 5 day crash course pardon the pun. Early on in the test the instructor slammed the brakes when I tried to go on the roundabout. I also made another big mistake. Anyways I didn’t feel too bad after but since then I’ve been ignoring the problem for so long that it’s become neurotic and like this thing I’m avoiding and fearful of which is manifesting into fear of driving and feeling very unconfident like I wouldn’t know where to position the car or I’d be in wrong lanes or I’d freak out changing lanes etc. I guess I just have to find a chilled instructor and start slow…

To make matters worse I’m on medication that fucks up my libido. I saw one post on here about looping a reiki healing root chakra sound. Might look into that.

Day 1 emperor ZP

I guess I’ll be doing daredevil and regeneration in a couple days although it will be outdated tech


Hang on you said your friend gave you the products. Did you buy the products yet ? if not then I urge you to buy them right now before you ask for assistance.

Failure to do this could get you banned. Dont think you can tell lies either we can check your accounts and downloads.


I bought emperor

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OK good please delete daredevil, regeneration and sex mastery Q from your hard disk or we will have to report you to the founders.


What’s wrong with someone gifting products?

I am not gonna argue with you ok. You have commited piracy. Now you either buy those products or delete them of your drive.

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If a friend buys you a dvd how is it piracy? Wasn’t for themselves they were trying to convince me to try it out but at the time I was not interested and too skeptical.

Yeah sure everyone has the same story “a friend bought it for me” when really they downloaded it from a pirate site.

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Anything positive to say? :slight_smile:

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Other things I wanna do/ explore Kung fu (had a dream of finding a wing Chung place last night) and hot pod yoga. Running. And fitness. Callisthenics?

I think after trying out emperor for a month or so I might buy stark anyone combined emperor and stark to good results?

Just finished 2 loops of zp emperor I know it says do 1 but couldn’t help myself. Feeling pretty neutral afterwards perhaps coz I haven’t got out of bed yet.

Hey man, interesting goals. I personally use StarkQ and I also have a dream of making it on Twitch. I haven’t tried emperor, but StarkQ apparently has a strong “fame” component and social aspect. Also a hint of creativity, which I believe are things that are nicer for becoming an entertainer and a Twitch streamer.

Daredevil also has a nice social + sexual component, I personally don’t care about sexual stuff, but the social component I believe could also aid in the social aspect of entertainment and Twitch. Btw StarkQ has a Daredevil modul in it as well. So all in all, I believe StarkQ might be a better fit for your goals.

For your insecurities and fear, Daredevil might be good enough coupled with regeneration which you also have. So decide, and stay coinsistent and trust the process.

Looking forward to reading your similar journey friend.


@BlackTiger is correct, my friend. If your friend gifted it to you, it means he has a copy too. So 2 people are using the same copy.

Anyways, on a practical note, it would be good to purchase whatever product you use using your own account. That way you will automatically get the free upgrades in the future. And there is also a good possibility that these subliminals will be personalised to your name. In which case gifting won’t work.

The products are not very expensive either compared to similar subliminals on the market.

Good luck on the Emperor journey! It’s an excellent title.


I thought the only ones tailored to your name are custom builds?

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Thanks man! I think I saw your post and was like wow small world! If it has a daredevil module in it is that a small percentage of why the daredevil product would contain or does it contain the whooole amount of scripting for daredevil. I’m asking this for modules in general too so I know in the future.

I guess it doesn’t make sense to me if some products contain a whole other product in them and more but priced the same

Right now yes. But it could change in the future when SubClub makes even the main store automated.

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That’s very cool. Full automation sounds like the future :o

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Yup. It has been mentioned by the co-founders a while back.

This place is at the bleeding edge of subliminals so you won’t be disappointed.

With ZP technology, all the products have been written from scratch (and the sales pages need to be updated too).

But the goals are somewhat the same. You can think of it as StarkQ (for example) having Daredevil scripting which is useful for StarkQ goals. Not the entire Daredevil script since it will be too much to process.

Also the way ZP is written is tackling the goals from an internal perspective rather than forcing something to change from the outside.

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Thanks for such an in-depth answer.


Happy to help, @Goldaura.

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Also my medication makes me unable to reach a nice meditative state which is annoying because I’m a Capricorn and think a lot and my mind has special powers so it needs cleaning lol.

Maybe going to a float tank will give a good meditative state or not then it could be an unbearable 1 hr etc.
I also heard surfing is like better than meditation but that’s not really possible at the moment lol.

The first and only time I did one was during a time of extreme (at first forced extroversion meeting people mostly girls ) and I had been doing some meditation and afterwards I just felt calm and extreme amounts of joy and care free not having to think just everything being a flow

Another skill I wanna build coding. Wanna learn Clojure