Going forward: Regeneration + Emp4


Hello guys. I started with SC in Dec. 2018, and I was here until this last July when my mom began going downhill physically. She passed in July, I was on Kahn, and I chose to return to another vendor’s emotional healing sub I’d been on, and I had good results with it throughout that entire time. I’ve been on other subs there for almost 6 months, and since I took some time off recently, I explored over here.

I’ve been using subs for 3 years now. My main focus has been emotional healing/clearing due to ill beliefs I’ve had, but recently I began to mentally step out of that small world. Emotions are a major part of us, but they’re not all of us. SubClub has a much wider perspective, and I’m exploring my own mindset possibilities and beliefs. I have some plans in my mind currently since I’ve been reading up on the forum and new products this last week.

I began back with Regeneration first near the beginning of the week, I’m running it now, and I’m going to keep it in my stacks. I’m using it to answer “what’s really going on in me?” I then started Emperor 3 with great success. My energy skyrocketed at work, and I’m wary of doing too much, as exhaustion has come 2 separate days at work, something I’ve not felt on subs in eons. However, it’s possible that change is happening upstairs too.

But something was apparent to me this morning. I was reading Avengers68’s QL journal, and I became really attracted to it. I’ve swum in my small world for ages, and have stopped anytime fear poked its head inside, which is often. Reading Avenger’s thread had me imagining looking outside my small world without fear, and it captivated me. Having no anxiousness in life would be awesome, plus life-altering. I would have picked it up today, but I’m holding onto these funds until I return from seeing my daughter next weekend.

I also read this morning that QL LITE would be in Emperor 4, and this is what I’ll use before going on QL. I’m wishing to grow and not live inside such a fear-dictated world. Let’s see what happens. I’ll begin a journal after starting Emp4.



peace, brother


Best of luck. And I hope to hear how it goes for you.


Thanks @Malkuth


I’ll be writing soon @d1gz. Thanks for the props.


Sorry to hear that, @subliminalguy. Wishing you success in your journey.


Thanks Raphael. I was at peace when it happened, for I made efforts to say what I needed to before it came to pass.


@subliminalguy my heart goes out to you sir. Oddly enough I have been considering running Regeneration and Emperor V4 myself


Your back, finally, I was wondering where u went
I’m really sorry for ur loss but I’m glad ur back, good luck on ur journey


Thanks Myspace. I appreciate your kind words.