Going forward: Emp 4


Hello guys. I’ve been using Emp4 these last couple of days, and it’s challenging; a good challenge truthfully. I’d begun with Ascension back in Dec. 2018, stacked it with various stacking subs and other major programs. Kahn came on, and due to its potential and its healing capabilities, I jumped on early. In June and July of this year, my mom took a turn for the worse, and I sought old emotional norms. I returned to another vendor’s emotional healing sub and did well on it throughout this, as she passed in July. I’d been using another sub there as well, which led me back here.

I’m in a new spot, but maybe not. Emp4 has New Beginnings in it, and Saint said it’d focus on one’s deepest fears. As I’ve written, I’ve stopped. Thought. Wrote. Erased. Again and again. NB is checking my fronts I put on so commonly, and I’m GRATEFUL for this. Hiding is a game with no end in sight, creating fears of discovery constantly, so noone wins. Fuck that. I want to be me.

I grew up without a father and with an alcoholic mom. I felt unloved much of my life, though in years past, this was “normal”. I was married for 10 years, having divorced in 2014. Me having not dated nor approached any girls since then is evidence to me that…I need to love myself first. I’d been on that never-ending habit of 12 step groups, counselors, and therapists up to 2 years ago, but since finding effective subliminals, I’ve used only them. I grew comfortable in my previous cycles. :slightly_frowning_face: Subliminals have really changed the direction of my life.

I chose Emp4 since I’d begun with Emp3 just weeks back with no reconcilliation at all. I chose it due to the Extreme Independence in it, among many other things. The positive self talk was my main draw to it, and finding out a sigma male wasn’t domineering (from the Emp4 hype thread) inspired me.

I’ll admit I did have it running all morning yesterday on ultrasonic, and my anger was ignited when some punk at work disrespcted me. I have all the reasons to cower (this guy was in a Fed penn for 15 years), but I’ll tell him to fuck off today if he wants to be an asshole. I was imagining all these bad outcomes of me standing up to him yesterday, so at lunchtime I traded Emp4 with Sanguine, and it shifted me. :slight_smile: Nice.

I’m heading out of town to see my daughter and ex 24 hours from now, so I’m a little nervous–mainly due to the sub. I’ll likely run Emp4 a little less today, as I wish to control myself and not spit up on my 14yo daughter. I’ve done it once, and it was bad (before SC).

So, that’s where I’m at currently. I’ll share more about my Emp4 experiences regularly. (And Emp4 is changing my “motivations”, I see. I used to just write—so others would talk to me. I still desire that, but my temptation to lie (put on a mask) is challenged. Good stuff :slight_smile:

@SaintSovereign or @Fire: I originally thought I’d mix Emp4 with Regeneration. I’ve not put it on since I wanted to see how prominent and effective NB is. I’m seeing it. But…:slight_smile: I’m doubting myself. I’ll keep just Emp running for now. I’ve noticed a LOT of self doubt surfacing; I think it’s good that it’s being dug up alongside the positive affirmtions.


Since I’m officially on Emp4, I’m bringing this over here. I’d begun Emp4 again and was posting in my Kahn journal.

Taking @Simon’s advice, I’m going to go read through my Ascension journal tonight to see where I’ve been. It may give me more accurate ideas of what I’m looking for again.

However, I wanted to share a realization I experienced while showering just now. I’ve often had “aha!” moments while showering, especially while using subliminals.

New Beginnings Lite, in Emp4, has been taking down old strongholds in my mind, those things I’ve turned to for emotional and mental security. While showering, I had this sudden awareness that … I wasn’t in control. It was like my subconscious became loud with this message. What came to mind right after this was feeling like a baby, completely dependent on someone else. And…I think New Beginnings is having me remember–or look for–things which made me feel secure. My recent sense of desperation has been me seeing how much I hang on to thoughts and imaginations which cause a lot of internal pain.

In my life, I’ve relied heavily on other people and their acceptance of me to feel secure. And it’s not working. It never really has. It’s a fantasy.

That baby image was knowing when I was a baby, I wasn’t grasping desperately for control of my life. My needs were met. Babies are encouraged (mostly) to relax. Babies also don’t worry since they’ve not learned to yet. My truth is that I came back to Emperor seeking some control of my life. However, truth be told, that search, now and in years past, never made me happy. I think NB is encouraging me to let go of this learned franticness. A feeling of sadness came up while writing that.

That’s where I’m at now. I think I’m going to be ok. Gratitude to @fire for making NB.


Something is bothering me about my last post.

I wrote it maybe 2 hours ago. Something in me saw something I felt uncomfortable with, and I usually ignore it or bypass it. This wouldn’t go away.

I realized I felt like an actor playing a role, and my writing was … phony? I realize I was playing out a persona. It wasn’t the real me.

I’ve been doing this in real life, but I’ve not hung around for feedback. I just wanted to have them believe the persona. I then vacate.

I’m admitting it since…well, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t completely honest. And living in it is not what I want to do.

New Beginnings is at work.


My last post was embarrassing. I realized how dependent I’ve been on other’s validation and acknowledgement. I’m using Emp4 and Regeneration, and I’m seeing growth and change.

I’m going to pull off posting so much seeking help. I’ve wanted to be a good example, but with a hidden agenda. It’s stressing me looking for something which never comes. My change is me seeing my part more. Replacing it with different thoughts and actions is happening.


I ran Regeneration last night, and upon rising, decided to keep it running, even at work. I had some results that showed near the end of the day.

I chose to stay and talk with 2 others after clocking out. About 6 others showed up, and a few were wishing to make me a focus of some made up stories. What happened is two guys began competing with each other–and I never said barely a word. I’d heard all this before, being ready to shut it down if it went south. But their insistence to win a title of “best story” made it pointless for me to say anything, for everyone knew it was made up.

After 3 minutes of this battling between the others, someone asked me my thoughts, and I said “I’m watching you guys go in circles. This is between you two! I’m just observing” And they lost it. I wasn’t even in the conversation, and they were battling for (something??).

It felt good, as the mood was light and non-personal. I never took it personally at all, and I’ve been growing my boundaries on Emperor. I hadn’t expected this.


I’ll add something else. NB in Emp4 has been digging up stuff, and I just became aware of a connection.

Me and my bitcoin miner are making a big move tomorrow. I’ve had concerns about the exchange we’re working with, a smaller one, as they’ve ignored a number of emails I’ve sent. I just messaged my miner telling him this, though it’s not news.

But when I took a second and wondered what was (really) going on in me, I saw it. It’s the same root which was hit 2 posts up: abandonment fears. In the same message to my miner, I acknowledged this. Whether it’s New Beginnings or Regeneration or both, it’s hitting a large hindrance in my life. I remember reading how Regeneration would not ignore any long-held root. It said it’d uproot it and it would either fade in time, or we would face it. I’ve been on Emperor 3 weeks now, only adding Regeneration 2 weeks back. NB is much more direct than Regeneration AND it motivates me to look this beast in the eye and see how powerful it really is.

Getting my ass kicked regularly by old emotions is slowly and steadily pissing me off. Not because of image; f that. I’m tired of letting it have control. That pisses me off.


2 significant things showed up, evidence of Emperor. I wrote this last night and I didn’t post it.

First off, I noticed my voice changing, and I’ve been waiting on it. And similar to my Kahn days, I was paying for gas when I noticed it. When I spoke, I was very loud, to the point it caught my attention. I usually hold back, but I seemed to throw my voice today when I wasn’t even trying.

Secondly, I had an extended time today imagining funny circumstances, jokes, and conversations. It was the last hours of work, but I was laughing to myself knowing good comebacks and replies in imagined group settings. Bigger than that, I was seeing myself initiate conversations–something I usually really lack confidence doing, with both men and women This went on in my head even after work, so maybe 2 hours total. I’ve had single imaginations come up on subs, but these ongoing movies in my head actually shot my confidence up a bit. It became easier to imagine successful interactions with others.


Did you know our subconscious brain cannot distinct the difference between something real or a vision. I feel with Emperor allot of stuff is being visioned in my head on auto-pilot, all those visions are actually perceived as REAL reference points by the subconscious - totally changing are self-esteem, confidence and in return how we behave in reality.


Exactly, that is why the dreams are so important


I completely agree. As time passed and these visions remained, my heart got into it. Yes, it was real to me.

V4 is powerful.


What’s interesting is I don’t remember my night dreams usually. I get jealous some when reading elaborate dreams here, as I rarely remember mine. But these daydreams are pretty real, and very detailed. Works for me :slight_smile:

No daydreams today since I ran Regeneration in my pocket most of the day. I slept with Emp4 running last night and was in some reconciliation most of the morning (self pity, thinking many were working against me, etc.). I turned Regen on mid-morning and let it play. It’s a real stress reliever for me.


I’ve been listening to Emperor during the day mostly, with running Regeneration at night. Last night I turned my volume up on Regen after checking it with Frequensee.

Some things are running a little differently upstairs. I feel more objective, and I found myself looking for old feelings and reactions this morning. I’m making progress financially, and that usually stirs up anxiety, so I was looking for it, thinking something was wrong since my emotional status was not “normal” :slight_smile: I feel good going forward.


Gratitude, after some fire in me.

I listened to Emperor all day in my pocket, and my mind was all about not being taken advantage of. Nothing big happened at work–beside me ignoring a coworker who I’ve often given in to. I’ve had about 3 times this week and last week where he told me loudly to do something, and in times past, I’d laugh and basically do it. My goal was to remain in his likings, as I viewed him like my own brother.

But today I ignored his command when we met up halfway through the day. He gave his “command” a couple of times in fact, but I purposely ignored him. I’ve played his bitch before. This isn’t feeding me anymore, I haven’t liked that reputation, and I’ve resisted giving in. I told him this last week when we worked together, but he tested me the following day. So today was not my first opposition of him.

In that same mindset of not allowing people to take advantage of me, I’ve been a bit reactive to snags or stalls in bitcoin payouts with my miner. I was assertive and insistent on truths tonight. Where I’m usually casual (passive) and super tolerant of unknowns, I persisted in our discussion tonight.

I’ll admit the harder thing to do was own my shit with my miner. I shared I wasn’t worried about him, but about hackers. I said this was all on me, and it wasn’t his fault. I shared that Emperor has been working overtime in me taking care of myself, specifically trying to assertively mind my money. I again shared this was on me, not him. I’ve been very proactive today. Very.

By the way, I turned off Emperor when I got home, and turned on Regeneration. Winding down (some), but still adamant about not being taken advantage of.

When one needs to protect themselves and their assets, Emperor is the tool to help on many sides. And I’m still learning balance.

I’m exhausted now.


I had 2 big things happen today. Both are evidence of the subs working. This may be a long post

First, I turned on some Chuck Mangione songs on YT this morning before getting ready for work. I’d played Regeneration all night, and I was still running it. I saw a song I’d never seen before and decided to play it. It’s called “Children of Sanchez”. It’s got great music in it, but it’s more like a story to learn from. The lyrics, mood, and message hit me. Why? I know I’ve held some grudge toward my daughter. I’ll spare all the details, but suffice it to say I’ve even considered keeping her out of my life. Even keeping her away from my money. It was very cold.

This song has a message, and the lyrics point to children being cared for. It says that food alone won’t ease their hunger in their eyes. I understood it as children need their parents so they can feel strong in the world. I’ve been focused on getting revenge, and something in this song broke me. I changed my mind. Instilling hatred and hurt will only bring more of it. The root is in me, and Regeneration has been working on it.


Without dreams of hope and pride a man will die
Though his flesh still moves his heart sleeps in the grave
Without land a man never dreams cause he’s not free
All men need a place to live with dignity.
Take the crumbs from starving soldiers, they won’t die
Lord said not by bread alone does man survive
Take the food from hungry children, they won’t cry
Food alone won’t ease the hunger in their eyes.
Every child belongs to mankind’s family
Children are the fruit of all humanity
Let them feel the love of all the human race
Touch them with the warmth, the strength of that embrace.
Give me love and understanding, i will thrive
As my children grow my dreams come alive
Those who hear the cries of children. god will bless oh yes he will
I will always hear the children of Sánchez.

Second, I was doing my job alone at work, and the same emotional honesty I felt this morning was pointed towards my bitcoin miner. He’s been doing a GREAT job–over 100% gains on my holdings last week. And…I’ve been holding some (secret) grudge toward him. I thought I had control of it, and that truth hit me: I have been angry at him since he’s not helped me carry…umm (my heavy resentments?). I expected him to fill some void. As soon as I got honest with myself, I was able to see this resentment so much clearer. He never did anything wrong. My expectations were leaning toward me destroying the relationship and blaming him. God, I’ve lived like this for so long. The change, though carrying pain, is desirable.

Regeneration is doing a real work in me.


I’ve been afraid to write here, my own thread, and I’ve been looking at my life looking for clues.

I felt I made significant mistakes, I felt shame over it, but wanted to hide it. I have focused on writing (and disappearing) in other threads lately. It’s standard “Nice Guy” behavior.

The mistake I made, the elephant in the room, is that I bought EOG last Friday and ran it for 2 nights before admitting it. I had jumped on it right after the emotional awareness I had in the prior post. Fear cropped up, and I let it steer me.

Purchasing EOG was not a mistake, but I still have work to do with Emp4 and Regeneration. I’d like to say just Regeneration, but a lot of insecurities rest in my masculine self image, which has been poor. Thus the combo.

Confusion points: Emp4 and Regeneration seem easier and practical emotionally, so I’m drawn there. EOG, or money topics, are primarily where I use my brain (having maybe 20 hours on ST1 so far). I’m an emotional being, so that’s why I’m drawn to the former two. I came back to them since something inside knew I was running.

Regarding EOG, I am looking at withdrawing my first bitcoin funds within a month. This scares me some, and I wished to be more focused and driven when it’s time. But…those are all fears. Living in tomorrow’s fears is hell to me. That’s why I bought EOG.

I know @Malkuth is mixing Emp4 and EOG.

I’ll listen to advice here. I need to start seeing a bigger picture for this to make sense to me. Thanks guys.

P.S. I’m running Regen now after running Emp4 since after lunch. Will sleep with Regen running.


For the last 3 days, I have been quite angry running Emperor. Reconciliation has been focused on my bitcoin funds, my prior miner (a woman who I saw as a deceptive shark), and then, my own daughter.

Going with that, I’ve had a spiritual reader right in my bathroom, and I’ve not read it for months. With this anger surfacing, I’ve felt led to pray, to tell God about it. Then I read a page 2 days ago. It encouraged me to seek the blessings in disguise when I felt like things were against me (I focused on my daughter here). Then, this morning, I read another page, and the message was “this battle is not yours, but mine”. (I gave him my money worries and fears)

Then, today I knew Emperor and Regeneration were stirring a bit of old hatred in my heart, so I put on EOG ST1. Listening now. I even told my miner my recent fears and insecurities was reconciliation from Emperor. Going to listen to EOG tonight instead of Regeneration.

I’m motivated to be more money minded and secure in my financial choices again, even those where I have no clue of the outcome.

For right now, I’m unsure what may happen. But letting it go allows some peace.


This is my last post in this journal. I ran Emp4 last Sunday night, looping it 1:1 with PCC. I wondered if PCC would tone down the anger, but I felt like a half-lit firecracker all day Monday. I was a brooding angry man without words, and considering I’m moving ahead with EOG, I didn’t want to burn bridges, and my life is heading that way, I’m going to start an EOG journal.


@subliminalguy - man, I just love the brutal honesty in this journal. It is very hard to admit our mistakes and most of all, admit our resentments. I must admit, your words hit me hard too since I had also started being aware of my own shortcomings in the same way when I started this subliminal journey.

The changes in you are very clear so much kudos for that.

PS: and that song is so beautiful. The lyrics are especially powerful. God bless you, bro.


@raphael, your words made me read over my journal again. Truly, the remembrances of NB while using Emp4 pull me to buy NB when Q opens up quickly.

Though those awarenesses are painful at times, they are so freeing. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a copy of a name embedded copy of New Beginnings. That’s no fling. That’s a long-held desire for freedom.

I read a story recently where a young entrepreneur asked his mentor “aren’t security and freedom the same thing?”

Smiling, he replied, “Security and freedom are not the same. In fact, they are opposites. The more security you seek, the less freedom you have. The people with the most security are in jail. That is why it is called ‘maximum security.”

And I’ve been living in my own self-created jail (which I thought was security) for a long time. I want freedom. The “security” of hiding and lying to myself is NOT living.

Thank you for the encouraging comment :+1:


I don’t understand how people get angry from subliminal’s let alone get angry from life. I haven’t felt anger in years to be totally honest. Of course my life is going flawless but whenever things are going bad I start laughing, it’s strange. Be aware that anger is a low vibration, you cannot manifest and create in a low vibration, there are many obstacles in life that try and keep us in a state of anger, fear and despair. Why do you think this is? Keep people from manifesting their dreams.

Be aware of this, I would suggest anyone to meditate an hour a day, at least - after time your external state won’t affect your internal state anymore and you’ll have total control. To give you an example, my phone falls on the ground the screenbreaks, I just go on with what I was doing without even getting one little emotional feeling of anger, I just don’t care and I start laughing instead which is a high vibration or frequency. By the way I don’t do this consciously it happens subconsciously for my already, I would suggest you to be conscious of whenever you feel anger and turn it around into joy. By doing the methods stated above after a while you’ll start to see the unconscious changes in your life and how it affects you positively.

Try and swap out PCC for Sanguine or run both instead. Sanguine works extremely well on enhancing what I’ve stated in the paragraph above.