Gaming Mastery X + LIMITLESS X - Journey To Greatness


Current Goal: Become the absolute best in the world fucking world.

Context - Started playing Overwatch again, after a LONG while. Was always kind of in the middle when it came to skill. But stopped playing after I lost my ability to focus. So basically, I’m shit at the game.

Goal of this Journal: For @SaintSovereign and @Fire to use the date to make an even better and preferably more aggressive V2.

This is going to be Accurate, Sweet and Concise.

After 1 hours of Listening without playing then playing (Sub still running): I have DRASTICALLY become better overall, IN THE FOCUS deparment. I can actually focus. I am hitting more head-shots on Hanzo than I have ever been able to. Takeaway: I’m still shit at the game but the improvement is OBVIOUS. Also, I, in actuality am rusty as FUCK! But I’m playing as if I’m warmed up, you know?!

2 Hours of Total Listening time: Every-time I die or am about to die I, instead of tilting or raging, calmly analyze that what I did was stupid, and I shouldn’t do that. Basically a coach. I do this SO automatically. Magical. :heart:
At this point, I don’t want anyone else to discover this sub. Haha. :smiling_imp:

Took a 10 minute break. But I’m always listening to sub. Starting to feel this weird light dizziness that’s gently sucking my energy. Feeling weak in the legs. I’m assuming it’s because of my shock and amazement that I’m actually doing well despite being SO rusty. These subliminals are clearly great blessings From God.

3 Hours of Total Listening Time: Hitting shot consistency has been ever so slightly improved with a projectile based hero (hanzo). Improvement more obvious with hitscan based (Mcree). HOWEVER. My degenerate thinking about irrelevant things when trying to focus has surfaced hard. I AM calm but super irrelevant intrusive-thoughts keep coming to my head, imparing my ability to take it to the next level. Not sure if this sub will suppress that. If not, then thats a module for V2. Hyper focus. Anti-intrusive thoughts. Nothing matters but the game/task at hand.

3 Hours of Total Listening Time: Improvements overall.
Better target priority.
Better Movement.
Better ability usage.
Better aim FOR SURE. I hit shots without thinking about it. Seriously. And it looks very sexy/professional-ish. It’s a Godsend (Still not that good, but the improvements are phenomenal).

Subliminal from subliminal-club are worth over $1000 a PIECE. And @SaintSovereign and @Fire KNOW this. Yet they still sell them for an extremely selflessly cheap price. You guys are doing God’s work.


Superior cognitive ability. Ability to know what I want from each time I dive into the action into the fray of enemies. Do I want that support enemy’s head or the damaging enemy’s head? Just been able to think very clearly and consicely overall.

Clearly this program is the real deal.

I can just hop on hard to play characters like DoomFist (Overwatch) and start doing decent, and be focused. It’s great. HOWEVER, this clarity seems to last for about 1 hour, then my past dumb unfocused self returns.

Due to personal circumstances however, I’m going to have to severely limit my game time.


Nice… Keep us updated. I want to get Gaming Mastery X but I need masked.


Nice journal

hopefully one day this gets updated


Limit Destroyer is an EXCELLENT choice with Gaming Mastery X because of internalized limiting beliefs.

Because getting rid of something as subtle as, “Oh there are too many enemies there, better go there not at all OR with a tight ass.”. - Is tremendous.

Biggest Hindrance Whilst Gaming: Intrusive thoughts. Interfering with my concentration.
Biggest Ups: Ability to discern, think clearly & with clarity i.e. be more in the zone-ish type of mindframe. Do this do that, kill him, kill her, get out, no uhhhhhs buts


It’s coming. @Fire’s already agreed.


That will be great. I bought yesterday Gaming mastery X and discovered of only 1 file ultrasonic… so I cant use it for now.



What I’ve noticed is that Gaming Mastery X is mainly trying to “merge” my subconscious and conscious when it comes to general game-play. What I mean is that I’ve slowly stopped thinking altogether when playing, I just ‘FEEL’ like I should do something for e.g. go here, go there, go for the head, flank, use ultimate. Which is of course great because that makes your gaming ability streamlined and akin to being in the zone. This ‘merge’ has greatly improved me as a player. And I mean that.

Other than that, Rich Deep Sleep seems to be making me quite drowsy. That part of the sub should be toned down.

@SaintSovereign, @Fire Hand Eye Coordination/Part of the sub that helps with aiming should be made stronger by 10 times, wink wink.

Edit: Don’t know if sub includes this but you guys should add strong tugs of wanting to push one self or challenge onself to get better


Note: I listen to apold’s omni suggestibility & infinite binary booster before listening to subs @Fire @SaintSovereign LMK if this is a good idea or not

  • Accuracy has CLEARLY been improved and is more consistent.
  • Can think clearly now.
  • Can ascertain and discern decisions more fluidly, properly and clearly.
  • Whenever I die, instead of gratifying my ego by saying, 'oh bad luck, ‘oh blah blah’. I own the fact that I misplayed and suck. This helps me focus and develop a Warrior mindset
  • And oh, did I forget to mention? I can focus far better now.
  • Although, the intrusive thoughts are still there… (seriously its super annoying)


I’ve ONLY been playing 3 games, maybe 6 games TOPS daily (1-3 hours) a day.
So the changes for that amount of time played is ASTRONOMICAL.
But I GREATLY lack the motivation to play even though I wish to be better. Perhaps add a game motivation booster.
EDIT: Forgot to add that even if I’m playing like shit, and getitng no kills whatsoever, I’m still absolutely 100% positive and 1000% optimistic. I JUST SIMPLY DON’T GET DISCOURAGED ANYMORE! Usually, I would just get discouraged and leave the game. Try over and over and over again. Amazing!


Important: This is my best and most noteworthy post in this journal thusfar; and probably will be for a while. This is part 1 of 2. (Going to play alot tommorrow and document findings)

In the past 24 hours: I’ve listened to GM-X for over 15 hours without break; FIRST 8 hours of which were in sleep. Then after that, I played my first game (after warm-up) of the day and played terribly. Couldn’t aim and poor concentration. (Sub played as I played OverWatch)

Second game: No concentration. Played extremely poorly. I don’t think the sub is really helping with my concentration issues. Auto-pilot (Anti auto-pilot module?)

Third game: Decent aim, played OK-ish, but slow reaction times. Too slow to act. Always a second too slow to back down and end up getting shot.

Hour Long Break

Fourth game: Better aim and focus. Intrusive thoughts still linger… But because of the subliminal my subconsious is mostly dictating my moves so it’s not that big of a hindrance; albeit… a hindrance it IS.

Fifth game: Decent aim, trash concentration, always thinking about some dumb shit.

Sixth game: Noticed my aim is superior with hitscan heros (raw-aim) as opposed to projectile heros (prediction-based-aiming). Before the sub, it was the other way around. Nice.

Seventh game: I can notice/sense my haphazardness & lack of awarness. I am going to attribute to this heightened sense of awarness to 1 limitless listen I just did. Aim is a bit better in general but still slow-slow reactions.

Eight game: OK Aim. Starting to feel sleeeeepy/drowsy. Going to stop playing and play tommorrow. This is part 1 of 2.


There have been obvious improvements because of the subliminal… albeit noticeably miniscule. But the results ARE there; just very miniscule.
I think that the subliminal isn’t aggressive enough or strong enough. It needs to be able to put you in the zone/hyperfocus. And make everything else except for the game you’re currently playing not matter.
And of course, rocket your aiming abilities to otherworldy levels.


You’ve been on the title for six days, that’s hardly enough time for it to settle in. It’s an older title that hasn’t been updated in awhile. It’s going to take longer to start working it’s magic.


People expect the magic pill nowadays where everything is going to improve the first week lol.

Maybe one day a new gaming mastery will come out with some kind of quantum tech and help people from day 1.


I was going to say the same thing.

You’re a little all over the place. First you start out very positively, a little later you’re saying this.

From astronomically to minuscule real quick.

This is your opinion after only 6 days of listening. Did you expect to rewire your unconscious within 6 days? Everything stated on the sales page of Gaming Mastery, you’ll achieve within a certain frame of time.

First of all, taking action complements subliminal’s greatly, well you’ve been gaming quiet a lot - no problem there. You’ve got to understand subliminal’s first got to be accepted by the subconscious which is kind of the RAM of your brain, whatever piece of the program has been accepted by the subconscious you’ll going to notice & benefit from. Because the conscious mind, where your awareness is works with the RAM of the subconscious mind to act upon the world, it takes his ideas from and information from this place to work with. After some time, it’s different for everyone the subconscious will pass the accepted info onto the unconscious which is like the SSD or Hard drive of your brain - it’s a library from all your experiences, memories, trauma, emotions, everything. Your unconscious consists of two parts, the personal ego which can have many forms depending on the situation, this is basically the identity you take on in different situations. Then you also have the collective consciousness part in your unconscious which makes up all the experiences, memories, trauma’s of the collective consciousness we’re all connected to - it’s less noticeable compared to your hard drive or SSD, you could say it’s like the hard coded operation system you’re working with from our collective. Because of this programming we can’t manifest instantly because we’re hard coded not to be able to.

Hopefully this makes sense. Be patience, patience is one of the most valuable skills a human can develop.


Very reassuring.
So GMX is an older title huh… no wonder its slow vs something like emperor. Youve spoiled me with ur latest techs in ur new subs.:sweat_smile:
Are we gonna get the new tech in GMX any time soon in the future?


GMX being an older title doesn’t necessarily mean no fast results. Emperor has the newest technology although it a much bigger subliminal, at the end of the day Emperor will take much longer to see profound changes without a good foundation with something like AM.


Part 2
Day 4 of Playing w/ Gaming Mastery X


7/7 = E-Sports Ready
6/7 = Top 10 Player in ANY Region
5/7 = Top 500 Player In ANY Region
4/7 = VERY High Skill Bracket, PRISTINE Player
3/7 = Far Above Average/Distinguished Player
2.5/7= Played Nicely, contributed heavily to the team.
2/7 = Played good enough to not be a burden on the rest of my teammates.
1/7 = Played horrendously.
0/7 = Autopilot. Kept dying over and over.

Also note that these ratings are not entirely based off the current rank I am in. For example, even if I do VERY good in my mid diamond rank, I will STILL give myself a relatively low score because I am scoring my self in comparision to the highest ranked players in the game. It’s 50/50. 50% of it is determined by comparing my self to the other people in MY CURRENT RANK and the other 50% is a comparision to the best players in the world.

Listened to GMX for 9 hours whilst sleeping. Then listened to it another 9 hours whilst playing OverWatch. (18 hours total of listening)

*5 Minutes of Warmup in 3V3; did pretty okay overall 3.5/7 for warmup considering my hands are literally cold and all. I found that I was clinging to my old self via being scared that I wouldn’t hit my shots and just waste my time playing… I was wrong. Now I have SOME aim 2/7 and focus 4/7. *

Game 1: Did okay 2.5/7 overall. My focus was 3.5/7. Awareness 2/7. Starting to notice the wall thats hindering my ability to be in the zone (focus) melt away, maybe… we shall see my friends.

Game 2: Overall: 2/7 | Focus: 3/7| Awareness: 2.5/7 | Aim: 2/7 [ Please Note: My aim pre-subliminal was 1/7 ]

Game 3: Overall: 2/7 | Focus: 3/7| Awareness: 2.5/7 | Aim: 2/7 [ Please Note: My focus pre-subliminal was 1/7 ]

I have come to realize that I was a weak and shit player, and to compensate for these weaknesses I would engage in ego gratification. Coming up with a plhetora of excuses as to why I did bad, or couldn’t aim… NO MORE! I died because I was T R A S H, I killed him because I was B E T T E R. Simple. No luck, no this no that, 100%
I am going to be very hard on my self, and that will reflect the ratings. No bullshit pseudo ratings.

Game 4: Overall: 1/7 | Focus: 1.5/7| Awareness: 1/7 | Aim: 1/7 - Just like before, my first 2-3 hours of gameplay is smooth then that “wall” comes and tries to prevent me from focusing properly. As if its an IQ Lock of some sort…

Game 5: Overall: 2/7 | Focus: 2/7| Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2/7 - That “wall”/IQ Lock is still there but this time I did better through sheer fucking will.

Game 6: Overall: 1.5/7 | Focus: 1.5/7| Awareness: 1.5/7 | Aim: 1.5/7-----“Wall” decreased in intensity but still there

Game 7: Overall: 1.5/7 | Focus: 1.5/7| Awareness: 1.5/7 | Aim: 1.5/7-----Mental “Wall” Sabotaging me

Game 8: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 1.5/7| Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2/7-----My is Gameplay more streamlined and smooooth. Instead of tilting like I usually do after dying, I try to assess WHY I died.

Game 9: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 2/7| Awareness: 2.5/7 | Aim: 2.5/7----My Gameplay is VERY streamlined. Also, I figured out something NEW that has been occuring!

NEW: Remember when I said that I had slow reactions? Well I still have slow reactions… HOWEVER, My assessment of the situation is VERY fast. I see what is happening in the moment… and decide I must do such… but I LAG to do… I choose a course of action then take too long to execute it… It’s like my brain is too fast for my body.

Game 10: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 2/7| Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2.5/7

Game 11: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 2.5/7| Awareness: 1.5/7 | Aim: 2/7

Hour Break
Reminder: I try my best to put a number that represents my performance as accurately as possible.

Game 12: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 3/7| Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2.5/7

Game 13: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 3/7 | Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2.5/7

Game 14: Overall: 1/5 - Got rolled, enemy Hanzo was too Tough + Teammates Abandoned Match Loss And from here on out, I will document wheter or not I lost the game in question

Game 15: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 3/7 | Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2.5/7 Loss

Game 16: Couldn’t do much, team was absolute Garbage | Overall: 2.5/7, Aim: 2.5/7 Loss

Game 17: Overall: 2/7 | Focus: 3/7 | Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2.5/7 WIN - Game I enjoyed very much. I would put aim as 3/7 but I’m up against mere average players like my self so I feel like 3/7 wouldn’t be an accurate representation of aim. Because higher ranked players movement is purposely erratic & unpredicatable (strafing) and fast paced.

Game 18: Overall: 2/7 | Focus: 3/7 | Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2.5/7 WIN

Game 19: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 3/7 | Awareness: 1.5/7 | Aim: 2.5/7 - WIN Awareness 1.5 because I kept forgetting that their team had RoadHog. Which is a tank that can 1 shot you if you’re a normal 200HP hero

From now on I’m only listening to ‘GMX’. Going to give up ‘Limit Destroyer’.

Game 20: Overall: 2.5/7 | Focus: 3/7 | Awareness: 1.5/7 | Aim: 2.5/7

Game 21: Overall: 2/7 | Focus: 2/7 | Awareness: 1/7 | Aim: 1/7 (Got sleepy in this game, so aim/awareness dropped)


Can most definitely see slight positive changes in aim and focus… But I’m just hoping that the sub will take root in my mind so that whenever I hop into a game, I take the enemy team by storm… no more competitive anxiety, no more dumb “what if I lose this competitive match, I should play an hour later”… just click on heads… and of course for the sub to take my aim to superhuman levels.
And make it so that I will be able to learn ANY new champion/hero near instantly… - @SaintSovereign @Hermit Is this too far fetched?

Hopefully it gets an upgrade soon. To Quantum Tech.


In my opinion nothing is far-fetched anyhow I do think time is key - you’ve only been in for a week. Another thing to consider may be that you can’t expect yourself to master a physical skill without subconscious reference points that get ordered in the unconscious after time. Either to this by the physical practice or visualization of the physical practice.

That said,

It can and it WILL if the subliminal itself is scripted to do so. I’ve actually got no idea what is inside and I’ve never read the sales page. I don’t play any games, for me personally it’s a waist of my valuable time.


Sure will. :wink:


Day 3

Been listening to GMX non-stop the past 30+ hours

Game 1: Overall: 3/7 | Focus: 3/7| Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 3/7 WIN

Went to sleep for 8 hours whilst GMX was on, then proceeded to wake up and play again w/ sub playing

Game 2: Played Terribly LOSS

Game 3: Played Terribly LOSS

Game 4: Played Terribly LOSS

Game 5: Overall: 2/7 | Focus: 1.5/7| Awareness: 2/7 | Aim: 2/7 WIN

Game 6: Played Terribly LOSS


A big wall is there preventing me from tapping into any kind of focus/concentration. Whenever I try hard to really focus, its like im trying to shove my forehead into some kind of barrier/wall


Part 2 of Day 3

Been listening to GMX non-stop the past 30+ hours

Game 1: Played Terribly, horrible ability to focus. LOSS

Starting to think that today just might be a really bad day.

Game 2: Played Terrible first half, did ight second half LOSS

Game 3: played kinda terribly LOSS