Fresh air, new beginning


He there, new here,
I have been using subliminal for while from the other side, I love subliminal
Came here as I heard it from other members, I don’t know if I can mention their name here.

I’m wondering how it works other here, the forum looks nice for sure.

What’s the difference between other producer and here?
Also why should I chose subs from here compared else where?
Also what’s sub is the equivalent of [Mod Edit: Removed Competing Product] over here?

I read that the producer here is coming up with a movie also, is it out already, can we watch it?


I dont think you can compare the product you mentioned with what is on offer here. This competitor product is nearly 3 years in the making and doesnt even work.

Having said that the latest offering is Primal Seduction. Which might just be up your street.


Let’s compare it to [Mod Edit: Removed Competing Products] doesn’t fit your criteria. So how does it compared to primal seduction? did you use it? what’s your experience?


The rules state their should be no mention of competitor products in your post. We all know who you’re talking about as well, as many of us were former members.

Here at Subliminal Club I find the inverse of everything I had a problem with the competitor.

@Fire and @SaintSovereign listen to their customers.
Upgrades are included free with the cost of your subliminal. Once you purchase a subliminal here you get free upgrades, for life on that title.
Instead of paying $100s and even $1,000’s as I hear the competitor is selling his subliminals for, you can pick up incredible subliminals for just $35.

Everything said above is still valid here. I’ll add this:

The scripting of the subliminals offered here are different than anything else on the market. The creators realized that healing and clearing could only get one so far and focused on moving their customers past their unconscious blocks in different ways. Our methods here were so effective the competitor went ahead and copied it and touted it as his own.

You’re able to stack subliminals here. You can pick different subliminals and put them into a playlist and optimize your life how you see fit.

If you’re a student who wants to get better with women and also run a side business, feel free to pickup Limitless for Learning, Primal Seduction, and Mogul for business.

If you’re a married man and you want to become more attractive to your wife, pickup Ascension and Sex Mastery.

An athlete with an artistic side? Spartan and Ultimate Artist.

There is no equivalent of that here.

From my own use and the results you can see on the competitor’s forum a sub with that goal doesn’t work.

What you may be looking for is Primal Seduction.

This isn’t a subliminal with an aura that has women flock to you and want to fuck you just because of your aura. It does include an aura, but that’s just one of its many features.

Its a subliminal that works for you if you work it.

As in, it’ll improve your efforts. You’ll become more comfortable with yourself, your ability to seduce will increase, and yes, you will become more attractive. There is manifestation scripting in it as well, but that’s not the only goal.

The great thing about these subliminals is they don’t tell you how to operate. They’re scripted in such a way that whatever version of yourself you and your unconscious deem to be best suited for reaching your goals is what you’ll become.

If you want to become a charming ladies man, you can.

If you want to become an aggressive playboy, you can, which I know was the goal of another one of his subs.

There’s no inherent personality scripted into the subliminals.

From what I remember of that subliminal it was supposed to make you a smooth talking ladies man and had some scripting to manifest opportunities with women.

All of that is in Primal Seduction.


You cannot compare any of those products from the competitors. The subs here require action on your part or else nothing will happen. There is no magical aura that makes girls want to have sex with you as promised by the competitors. You have to still make the approach and do your bread and butter.


@Alexander answered your questions very throughly and I agree with everything he said.

No, the movie is still in pre-production. The lead role was cast last week. We’ll have more information about this later.