Frequency audios with subs


So I recently came across a video touting the benefits of listening to 528hz frequency tone. There are numerous YouTube videos available for listening to various frequencies (each purported to have their own benefits). My question is whether playing these while running a masked or US audio simultaneously will clash in any way


I’ve experimented using Theta binaural waves (on a Youtube vid) while running masked simultaneously while I study.

Should work just fine with US or Masked tracks, but maybe listen to isochronic tones instead of binaural just to be safe?

DarkPhilosopher has a thread on this: The effects of brainwaves on subliminals


I’m not sure if binaurals/isochronics interact exactly the same as the solffeggio frequencies but since they’re all based on the concept of certain sound frequencies manipulating the mind and body I will experiment and see what happens I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically, as long as it doesn’t do the same thing that subliminals do, there should be no adverse effects. As far as soundwaves go, whichever form they take, I can’t imagine there to be any harm. There may be some benefit if they help you reach a state more conducive to change.

The only thing I can imagine might cause an issue is drugs that alter the way the brain processes stuff. Even if the subconscious is not affected by the drugs directly, it still uses the brain and the senses to get its information.