Forum perspective

In light of the recent forum drama, I’d like to share this perspective:

The forum is not what it appears to be… it too is an entity.

“What in the world is Luther smoking…?”

Think of the forum as a person, lol.

When this person receives subliminal input (campfire policy), it experiences recon.
As they are in recon, traumatic experiences from the past may come out of nowhere to be addressed and reconciled (disruptive forum members). This person undergoes changes and others may try to challenge and “shit test” those new changes. Along with those new changes, the person may also create boundaries (bans).

Interesting, isn’t it?
That we are all on ZP and the forum seemingly undergoes a process as if it was running ZP as well…

What the forum is teaching us, is that we must embrace our growth and breakthrough into the new us.
It’s showing us that the recon we experience is nothing more than a stepping stone to great heights.
Just like how nothing can stop the forum from growing, nobody can stop us from growing.

Do not let the forum throw you off.
Show it patience and understanding, just as you would when dealing with someone who is clearly in recon.

More than anything else, stay focused on your goals lol.


If you are smoking, perhaps keep smoking it. :+1:

Good insight!

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What are you smoking?

I like to try this mysterious smoki smoki

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So whenever “Forum” is in bad recon… do I bring the laptop out in the sun to get some much needed sunshine then? :grin:


The whole forum could run 2 loops of Lovebomb and Voila the whole vibes is different.

Would be a fun experiment


The idea of a community as a superorganism (a la Gaia theory) is definitely interesting.