Forum got a New Look?

Why are the topics expanded like this on a PC?

Did the forum software upgrade, or did I mess a setting somwhere?

Quotes also split out like this…

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Which browser?

In chrome it looks like this:

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Google Chrome as well. Same since over 2 years. :sweat_smile:

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Dark-ness doesn’t help either. :smile:

Okay, interesting. I switched to the “Default theme” (not dark mode) and it looked as always.
Even tried to zoom in and out to get some kind of effect, but didn’t help.

There is an update for Chrome coming in. Perhaps you have a newer version than me. Or it’s because I am on a Mac.

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Maybe, it’s a manifestation of playing Khan Qv2 Stage 4 yesterday. :thinking:

The text is taking up more space … aka manspreading!



Posting here to follow this thread.


This problem goes away when I go Incognito. :sunglasses:

Later, I shall log out / clear cookies, and see what happens.

It better not be a side-effect of that FLOC thing so many are mad about. Bad boy Google. :face_with_monocle:

Maybe NOT.

The software company’s forum itself appears spread out the same way.
I don’t even have an account there. :roll_eyes:

This too becomes alright with Incongnito. What are you up to Google? :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve always used this on mobile, I haven’t seen these changes reflected for phone/tablet users, yet.