Forex / Trading subliminal


Hello everyone,
I was wondering if your thinking of any type of Forex / Trading subliminal?
There are allot of traders out there specially the newbies and veterans that would love an extra boost in the markets.

Beeing a trader myself i would love to give some ideas, even go deeper into the daily routine of a successfull trader.

Thank you in advance


I remember reading in the forum that a “stock trader x” subliminal is in the works. Not sure on the time frame though


It’s likely not in the Roadmap. @Elme You may open up a Poll, to see how many people would actually buy it. And then you can Forward your request to the Co-founders.


Thank you guys, i will do that for sure.


It is on the roadmap but not sure how close they are to completing it :slight_smile:


Oops oops oops :see_no_evil:


Is here any update on stock trader x @SaintSovereign ? I’m running stark q and v4 as a stack now


@SaintSovereign Is there still a stock trading sub in the works with weapon x system?


+1 for this a trading subliminal please!


I hope forex sub will release :rofl:


I am certain that after Q launches (in Mai?) will we see a lot more Weapon X subs including one for trading


I think either Mogul+Limitless will do the trick if one wants a single stage or Ecstacy of Gold + Quantum Limitless if one wants a multistage.