Fire's Journal


Development, personal experiences, etc., all are gonna go in here.

Buckle up. :smiling_imp:


New amazing module has just started development.

This bad boy is gonna create crazy improvements in all the subs. It is going to massively improve one’s journey to becoming a powerful man - does not matter if it’s Muay Thai mastery, Ascension, or any other sub that is going to come out.

That’s all I’m gonna share for now. :wink:


And done.

The new module is finished, and will be in the next versions.

It’s made to tap into everything underlying the mind, in such a way, so as to maximize the effects of the subliminals.

It took 2 days of meticulous, careful scripting - it’s huge, it’s complicated, it’s powerful.



Time to revive my old journal.

Been working on some paradigm shifting tech, might open some experimental spots to give you guys a peak behind the curtain.

And when I say paradigm shifting… it means PrimalTech v2 could be even more powerful than we predicted.