Fire's Journal


Development, personal experiences, etc., all are gonna go in here.

Buckle up.


New amazing module has just started development.

This bad boy is gonna create crazy improvements in all the subs. It is going to massively improve one’s journey to becoming a powerful man - does not matter if it’s Muay Thai mastery, Ascension, or any other sub that is going to come out.

That’s all I’m gonna share for now. :wink:


And done.

The new module is finished, and will be in the next versions.

It’s made to tap into everything underlying the mind, in such a way, so as to maximize the effects of the subliminals.

It took 2 days of meticulous, careful scripting - it’s huge, it’s complicated, it’s powerful.


Time to revive my old journal.

Been working on some paradigm shifting tech, might open some experimental spots to give you guys a peak behind the curtain.

And when I say paradigm shifting… it means PrimalTech v2 could be even more powerful than we predicted.


Any updates? :wink:


A lot of focus on developing Q, devising and updating the new tech. We want to surprise you guys with some amazing new things to tinker with.

It’s going to be grand.


It’s going to be grand.

Oh dang! That’s expensive! :smiley:


As Saint Sovereign revealed, you are pursuing bodybuilding. So certainly you have a lot of experience with the Serum X module. What effects and results did you notice personally? :slight_smile:



I used it to create a specific stack and regime, that when combined with Serum X, helped me go from a 90 kg bulk monster to shredded 75 kg in about 2 months, with plenty of muscle retained.

Of course, it’s also excellent for recovery. With the 2h workouts I used to do, it helped get all that work in and reduce injury, resulting in more lean muscle gained.


I’m a 110 kilos bulk monster with initial diabetes. What you would recommend to become a 80 kilos well oiled muscular machine?


First and foremost, do what you need to do to keep the diabetes in check.

You probably heard the good old platitude of “muscles are made in the kitchen”. A hollow statement. This is one of the two most important tips I can give you - muscles aren’t made in the kitchen.

Food is how you control your mass. Lower your caloric intake, and you will lower your weight. Increase it, and you will increase your weight. Keep it at maintenance, and you will both increase your lean muscle and decrease your fat.

In order to make use of this basic principle, you need to know what you’re doing. You will come across numerous diets: Atkins, keto, paleo, etc.

Disregard those. Eating is a natural part of life, so don’t limit it. Guide it. How you do this is easy - I recommend downloading a macro tracker, such as Chronometer, onto your phone. Get a food scale, measure the food you eat, and track it. Eat at 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight, fill the rest of your calories with whatever helps you more.

From there, controlling your weight is as easy as turning the radio dial.

The second part, the more important one, is making working out hard a natural part of your life. To establish this, you can work out 6 days a week and then scale down as time goes on. Have other goals that need the support of working out.

For example - how can you run a successful business if you are not pushing your body and keeping it healthy?

When you workout, no matter the amount of caloric intake, push yourself. Get the form as good as you can, but don’t shy from the heavier weights. No one got muscular from lifting 5 kg with perfect form. Increase gradually.

Working out hard and regularly is the more important part, because it allows you to “turn the dial” of nutrition. Without it, you will lose muscle on a lower intake, gain excessive fat on a higher intake, and stagnate on maintenance.

An important thing to remember here is that, building up the discipline and the integration of these two principles into your life is a skill. You won’t get it right away, but you can massively speed it up by using subliminals.

Emperor Fitness, Spartan, Limitless and Emperor come to mind - use any of them to help guide the mind to give you reasons why you should integrate these principles into your life, then do it. It will come so much easier, it will help you excel in them and guide you on your fitness journey.


Hi @Salchichon!

Here’s a book I’ve found helpful by a nephrologist (Dr. Fung).

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore

It has been awhile since I read it, but I think the way he treats his patients’ issues of weight or diabetes is by fasting.


Thanks very much @Fire for your honest advice.


@RVconsultant that’s a great advice. I will look into it. You know, the 40’s is a decade to start taking better care of oneself. Thanks buddy!


Thanks @Fire for sharing your diet journey. I never read a such a long post from you! But with everything that you have in your plate (daytime job, SubClub, fitness, personal life, etc) which stacks are you running? Do you rotate them? Or Do you ru the same stack every day? Do you take days off?


Experimental titles, modules and technologies mostly. Some things require experience and very specific skills, not to mention safety testing.

No days off, unless rest is necessary to avoid burnout. Keep in mind this is extremely different (settings, characteristics, purpose, etc) from standard usage, so don’t get ideas.


Damn, I wanted to pick up ideas :grinning:



Thanks for all the new great modules.

What is your current stack/ rotation these days…in Q/ terminus, Ultima ? If your running something highly customized does it have a base in any of the core’s or modules were familiar with?



Does Dragon Reborn include or have similar neural healing as Quantum Limitless Stage 1 ?